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Dhoni is going for 2 month training in Kashmir, Would not you want to know, what is that

Team India has been announced for the West Indies tour. One day before the selection, Mahendra Singh Dhoni had separated himself from this tour.

Dhoni is going for 2 month training in Kashmir, Would not you want to know, what is that
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In fact, Dhoni had decided to take a two-month break after the upcoming West Indies tour, telling himself unavailable. For this, he had told the BCCI about his decision before the team selection, that he wants to spend the next two months with his parachute regiment.

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Top Army Sources: MS Dhoni's request to train with Indian Army has been approved by General Bipin Rawat. He will train with the Parachute Regiment Battalion Some part of the training is also expected to take place in J & K Army will not allow Dhoni to be part of any active OP pic.twitter.com/jMCHExc9JS

- ANI (@ANI) July 21, 2019

Now Army Chief Bipin Rawat has also approved Dhoni's request. Dhoni will now be able to train in the Parachute Regiment for two months. Their training can be done in Jammu and Kashmir because their 106 infantry battalions are stationed for static duty in Kashmir. The army has clearly said that Dhoni will not be part of any operation of the army during this period.

In 2011, the Indian Territorial Army gave Mahendra Singh Dhoni an honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 2011. Dhoni's love for the army is famous. Whenever they get the time they go to their regiment instead of going on a trip and take training. After retiring from the cricket he had said many times before, he did a full-time job in the army.

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Army attracts Mahi

Dhoni has said many times that if he was not a cricketer, he would probably have been in the army. Dhoni's T-shirt, trouser, cap globes, even the kit bag is also of the army's color.

What is the Territorial Army?

The Territorial Army is the branch of the Indian Army which backs up the army in trouble (natural disasters). It is also called the second line of the army. Any Indian citizen can come out of his desire. If necessary, they have to be approved to be available for service. There is very little salary in this. The people involved are given training from one to two months in a year. Called for service only when army is needed This time around two lakh people are included in the Territorial Army.

Dhoni has also taken training in the year 2015

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Dhoni has already trained one month with special forces in Agra's 'Para Training School' in August 2015. Dhoni had trained the paratroopers of the army soldiers at the time. During this, he also set five parapar jumps to pass. The fifth jump was placed at a height of 1250 feet. Dhoni was provided a gypsy at that time by the army. During this, he also had the training of arms training.

This time Dhoni is going to take 2 months training in 106 Infantry battalion located in Jammu and Kashmir. Which is going to be extremely difficult. Because training is in Jammu and Kashmir. Where the weather is extremely difficult to fight.

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