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Despite being the richest, Ambani has failed to buy this car, know the price of this car

Despite being the richest, Ambani has failed to buy this car, know the price of this car
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In today's era, every person wants to have a car of their own, in which that person can go anywhere they want to roam. So due to lack of budget, common people buy small and cheap cars. At the same time, if we talk about big and rich people, then these people keep a collection of cars worth crores. Till date you have only heard about 10-20 million cars in your life, but today we are telling you about the most expensive car in the world. Mukesh Ambani, the richest person in India, also cannot buy.

Now you must be thinking how expensive that car is and why Mukesh Ambani cannot buy this car, so let us tell you about that car and also what is the cost of that car -

You may already know that Rolls Royce is a must for making expensive and luxury cars worldwide.

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Every single car produced by Rolls Royce differs from other cars worldwide in terms of features. Along with this, its look also attracts people towards him. Let tell you that every car made by Rolls Royce is completely customized. Because of which if you mix two cars of the same model, you will get to see the difference between them. It is said that each car made by the Rolls Royce Company is built not by robots but by human hands.

For your information, let us tell you that in recent times Rolls Royce had introduced the world's most expensive car to the world. Talking about this car "Sweptel", this car has a 6.75 liter V12 engine, which is much more powerful. Let us tell you that this car is made for a particular customer. Being customized for a particular customer, we get to see a lot of customization inside this car. Talking about the body of this car, the body of this car is designed on the aluminum space frame design of Phantom-VIII Coupe. Let tell you that this unique car of the world looks very good in appearance.

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If you talk about the interior of this car, then the interior of this car has a titanium watch, Macessar Ebony woodwork, Paldo Wood interior and a great variety of leather on other things besides the seaters. If you talk about the price of this car then the price of this car is about 84 crores. Now you might be thinking that Mukesh Ambani can easily buy this car. But let us tell you that this car has been made for a special person, due to which Mukesh Ambani cannot buy this car, even if he wants to.

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mukesh ambani can buy Rolce Royce Company

3 Months ago


Abe bhosadbille ye wahi baat hui ki me tere ghar ka custommade sofa nhi kharid sakta cuz its custommade for u. tu mere ghar ka stool kharid ke dika madarjaat

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let us tell u that, we don't care if someone buys this car. we just don't care......k

3 Months ago

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