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Demo Piece Movie Review: This run-of-the-mill entertainer tests your patience

A lazily-written, badly executed piece of work masquerading as a message film

Demo Piece Movie Review: This run-of-the-mill entertainer tests your patience

Demo Piece had raised a lot of curiosity among cine-goers with its interesting title. The story is about Harsha (Bharath Bopanna), a free-spirited college student who wants to lead a fun life, but is restricted by his disciplinarian father. He takes up a part-time job and earns good money. But he invests his earnings on betting in cricket and loses all the money. He gets unlucky in academics too and fails in his final year exam too. A testing situation following this pushes him to take extreme steps and it brings a drastic change in his life. Did the changeover bring him good fortune? Or did it put him in a soup? answers the climax intertwined with a message.
Director: Vivek A
Cast: Bharath Bopanna, Sonal Monteiro and Rekha

Director Vivek seems to have had a good one-line story, which he has not tried to develop further. The film is all about the before and after the 'changeover' in Harsha’s life. It shows us how he manages to be happy with his friends, even when he is struggling for money, but, loses his happiness, even when he reaches an influential position. Amidst all this, the director introduces family sentiment and love. But almost everything fails and the film does test everyone’s patience. Especially, the repetitive scenes and the cliched dialogues, which we have heard over the years, makes us irritated after a point.

Bharat Bopanna, the teleserial actor gets to do everything a commercial hero does, but leaves no impact. Sonal Monteiro is the film’s 'heroine', but her role is brought down to an extended cameo. Rekha, of Sparsha fame, plays the hero’s mother, but she feels out of place. Chandrachud, who initially comes out as a strong antagonist, does nothing to make things better. It seems that the director considers the film his ‘demo piece’, in cinema.

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