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Deepika Padukone was born in which country? Let's know

Friends, all of you are welcome on the Narendra Jagarwal UC News Channel. Today we have brought some tricky and important questions for you. If you want to know about new and tricky questions every day, then you can follow us.

1). Who has been honored with Rabindra Nath Tagore Award 2019?

Answer - Rana Das Gupta

2). Which is the first ATM bringing bank in India?

Answer - HSBC Bank

3). Where is the Roerich Art Museum located?

Answer - in Naggar

4). Which country is the gift of the Nile River?

Answer - Mishra

Deepika Padukone was born in which country? Let's know
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5). What is the total wealth of Narendra Modi?

Answer - Narendra Modi's total assets are 2.28 crores.

6). Who won the first battle of Tarain?

Answer - Prithviraj Chauhan's

7). Whom has Tata Sons appointed as CFO of the group?

Answer - to Saurabh Aggarwal

8). When was 'Life Insurance' nationalized?

Answer - 1956

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9). Deepika Padukone was born in which country?

Answer - Deepika Padukone was born on 5 January 1986 in Denmark.

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10). Who is the author of the song Govind?

Answer - Jaydev

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