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Daily telly updates: Prerna proves herself to be Anurag's first wife, King strikes a separate deal with Nikhil

Daily telly updates: Prerna brings a witness to prove that she is Anurag's first wife in Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2. King strikes a separate deal with Nikhil and asks him to handover Kiara to him in Kumkum Bhagya.

Daily telly updates: Prerna proves herself to be Anurag's first wife, King strikes a separate deal with Nikhil
Prerna and King in stills from Kasautii Zindagii Kay and Kumkum Bhagya.

In Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, Prerna shocks everyone by declaring herself as Anurag's first wife. Pragya finally meets Kiara while King meets kidnapper Nikhil and strikes a deal with him.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2

Komolika redicules Prerna and asks for a proof of she got married to Anurag. Nivedita asks Prerna to stop dreaming as Komolika is Aurag's wife. Prerna says she never denied that she isn't his wife but all she is telling is she is Anurag's first wife and Komolika is his second wife.

At home, Prerna's mother looks for and gets worried when she doesn't find her at home. She asks Shivani who is also unaware where Prerna is. Mohini asks Prerna if she has proof of the wedding and asks her to get out as she knows she doesn't have any proof. Prerna asks Anurag that it will be better if they go inside a room and have a conversation as she would not like to disrespect anyone. Mohini is about to drag Prerna out when Anurag stops her. Prerna tells Mohini that she has equal rights on this house as she and also says even the law supports the first wife.

Prerna holds Anurag's hand and asks if even he needs proof but Komolika says yes they need proof. Prerna tells her that Goddess Durga is witness to their wedding. She goes out with a promise to bring the proof. Mohini and Nivedita ask Anurag if he really got married to Prerna but he comes mum. Meanwhile, Prerna enters with the priest of the temple. She asks Anurag if herecognisess him as he gave his blessing after wedding and Anurag answers in affirmative. Mohini and Komolika are shocked.

Prerna tells Anurag that after his betrayal she went to the temple again and asked the god why this happened when the priest appeared and reminded her that she is married. That day was so auspicious that even a couple exchanged threads, it would be equivalent to getting married. Mohini asks her son if he was there with Prerna at the temple and he agrees. She is taken aback and says this can't be considered as marriage. Prerna shows her the sacred thread that Anurag tied around her neck and also how he filled her parting and promised to be with her all his life. When Nivi asks her to get out, she says she is going to stay with Anurag in this house and is not going to go anywhere else.

Even the priest at Basu House confirms that Prerna and Anurag's wedding is legit as Anurag never put sindoor in Komolika's parting.

Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi tries to find Pragya when a auto driver tells him he saw him. Nikhil who has sent Shanky to Abhi's house doubts his decision and wonders if he made the right decision by trusting him. To gain his trust, Nikhil asks him to keep him connected through video call and whatever ransom amount they received will be divided fifty-fifty between them. King hears their conversation. Shanky sees King and runs while King chases him. He gets hold of him and asks about Kiara. He tells him that Nikhil sent him with an envelope of Kiara's picture and a letter to strike a deal with her.

King threatens Shanky and makes him call Nikhil. He talks to him and tries to strike a deal with him and asks him to handle Kiara to him. King asks him to bring Kiara to him and he will give him a bigger amount than what he had asked from Abhi.

Abhi's car breaks down. He asks Purab to pick him up as he knows where Pragya is but after the conversation his phone's battery dies. He is given a lift by none other than Shanky but Abhi is unaware that he one of the kidnappers. Pragya reaches the place where Kiara is kidnapped. Pragya sees Kiara but there is a fence in between them, she tells her she wants to go home. Shetty asks Pragya to come from the other door as they have very little time.

On the other hand, Nikhil meets King in his office and tells him that he is the kidnapper. King holds Nikhil by the neck and threatens him that he won't spare him if anything happens to Kiara. King offers him double the price that announced on TV. Nikhil tries to act pricey but King tell him that Abhi won't give him a single penny and if he does his job, he can earn an extra three crores. Nikhik is kicked with the offer. While they are talking, Aaliya enters the room and informs King that the joint concert with Abhii has been cancelled. While trying to escape from the room without showing his face, Nikhil bumps into Aaliya and says sorry. She instantly recognises his voice but he leaves. She goes after him but cannot get hold of him.

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