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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (November 21)

Someone can make you feel good. Enjoy the support that people give you by listening to you when others have stopped altogether

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (November 21)

1. Aries

As the adventure of life is leading you in, stay awhile and respectfully approach your inner instincts and know that you will be truly satisfied with your decisions to stay away from taking a decision today. You need to be patient and know that unusual opportunities are likely to come your way.

2. Taurus

Your interest in health and fitness bring you to a new pattern of living. Just question your motives for the betterment of work and follow through with your new plan. It may be a better idea to manifest your life plan than to listen to others telling you what to do.

3. Gemini

Happiness is the highlight today and the only way you are going to be able to achieve your goals is to manifest your spiritual quotient and live in a space of complete gratitude for all that you have. Challenge your hard-working self to move ahead and enjoy the journey as well.

4. Cancer

Growth of a new financial plan puts you in a comfortable position with the future success. Some of you may be inspired to spend more but the best is to make your decisions with equanimity and personal strength and not give in to indulgences. Creative ideas for your hobbies will make you travel and spend time with beautiful people and places.

5. Leo

There will be many who will approach you today for help and it is imperative that you complete your responsibilities first before you do their work. Long lost friends are going to pop up in the present and this could also be a reason for your work getting delayed. Changes in your mood are full of healing happiness for all.

6. Virgo

The elders in the family are casting a protective glance on your career and profession, so you must listen carefully to their advice. Those of you who are expecting others to do your work or who are not completely supportive or satisfied with all situations need to take a step back and review the plan.

7. Libra

Stay away from small irritants or obsessions that consume too much of your energy and mental health and happiness. Withdraw from the seemingly innocent people and their pressing concerns and needs as your cup is full of many things that have to be completed.

8. Scorpio

Don’t forget to spend some time today in reviewing the project for the betterment of your work. Also, work hard and be equal to and with the competition, and success. You will be needed in the morning to get the work started. So be punctual. You will have a very deep insight into your romantic relationship.

9. Sagittarius

Yes, you cannot underestimate your capacity to get the work done. There is a strong likelihood of romance in the office for some of you. Things may not materialise just the way you want them, but there is still a lot to be happy. A flurry of activity for someone’s wedding will keep you entertained.

10. Capricorn

A good day for financial affairs. Your reputation will remain forever and is always cherished by your relationships with others. You will be constantly engaged in showcasing your excellence. Your parents’ health needs attention. There will be many surprises in this world that will manifest happiness and joy.

11. Aquarius

Someone can make you feel good. Enjoy the support that people give you by listening to you when others have stopped altogether. You must pay attention especially when the circumstances surrounding your life situations are getting you into trouble. People can criticise and condemn your actions related to financial dealings so stop taking sides.

12. Pisces

On the work front, there will be plenty of new opportunities to meet with others who have seemed very supportive of the work and you could end up cracking a good deal today. Happiness makes you smile but there are others in your territory that will make your life experiences bitter.

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