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Dad finds huge unexploded bomb while clearing out garden

Dad finds huge unexploded bomb while clearing out garden
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A plasterer was left stunned after pulling an unexploded bomb out of a skip with his bare hands. Jamie Williams, 30, had been helping a friend clear out his garden and believes the explosive must have picked up by a JCB digger. He immediately knew what the device was, having recognised it from his history lessons at school. Jamie said: ‘I pulled it out of the skip with my hands and I thought it was a lump of metal or a brick. I looked at it and knew straight away what it was and put it on the wall.’ He then called the police, who cordoned off the area, before the the Royal Navy bomb squad removed the explosive.

Third party image reference
Third party image reference

Jamie, from Plymouth, Devon, said: ‘We made the right phone calls and they closed the street down. It was a good response. ‘It was quite scary and it shocked me, you don’t really see that every day.’ Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed that officers were called to a property around 2.40pm on November 23. Emergency Ordinance Disposal (EOD) then arrived around 4pm. Anyone who finds what they believe to be an unexploded bomb is advised to move around 100 metres away from the device before using a mobile phone. They should then call emergency services and request police attend the scene.

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