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Current Affairs Most Important Question

1. Due to which virus, WHO has declared Global Health Emergency?

Correct Answer: Corona virus

2. When is Martyr's Day celebrated?

Correct Answer: On 30 January

3. Where has the world's largest meditation center started?

Correct Answer: In Telangana

4. Who has appointed the new Foreign Secretary by the Central Government?

Correct Answer: Harshvardhan Shringla

5. Where has Tech Mahindra started Google Cloud Center of Excellence?

Correct Answer: In Hyderabad

Current Affairs Most Important Question
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6. Which death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi was celebrated this year?

Correct Answer: 72nd death anniversary

7. According to Tomkom report which is the world's worst traffic city?

Correct Answer: in Bangalore city

8. Oxford University Press has chosen the constitution as the term of which year?

Correct Answer: In the year 2019

9. Which institute has developed Bhuvan Panchayat 3.0 portal?

Correct Answer: Indian Space Research Organization

10. What kind of websites are WhatsApp and Facebook?

Correct Answer: Social Media Website

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