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Cruises: What is the luggage limitation on a cruise line? What is banned from baggage?

CRUISES offer the potential to explore multiple destinations around the globe from the comfort of an often-luxurious yacht. Yet what are the luggage limitations?

Travelling on a cruise line means many stresses such as carting luggage around from city to city are avoided. Yet, just like airlines, each specific cruise line has its own luggage restrictions. Some cruise routes also incorporate a flight, as well as the journey on sea, so passengers also have to take this into account. So what are the regulations when travelling on a cruise? And what items are a huge cruise no-no?

What is the luggage limitation on a cruise?

Each cruise line has its own specific luggage regulations for those travelling cruise only.

These are usually quite generous, but rules do need to be adhered to.

Here are the main baggage regulations for five major cruise lines:

Norwegian Cruise Line: 2 pieces of personal luggage, each weighing a maximum of 22kg.

P&O: As many pieces of luggage as you like as long as they don’t exceed 23kg.

Carnival Cruises: Limited to two suitcases per guests, each weighing no more than 22kg and should not exceed 16 inches high x 24 inches wide.

Royal Caribbean: Each guest has a luggage allowance of 90kg.

Celebrity Cruises: No limitations, however suggested limitation of 2 pieces of luggage plus a carry-on bag.

Meanwhile, those travelling on a fly cruise have additional guidelines to adhere to.

So even if the cruise line does not have a baggage limitation, the airline will.

Holiday makers should check with the specific airline with regard to their restrictions.

Cruises: What is the luggage limitation on a cruise line? What is banned from baggage?
Cruise: Cruise line luggage limitations revealed (Image: Getty)

What is banned from cruise luggage?

Security screenings of all baggage is conducted as a passenger boards.

Passengers are advised to check specific cruise lines ahead of travelling yet some important general guidelines can be followed.

Items that should be left at home include irons, kettles and corkscrews.

Some cruise ships have strict beer and spirits regulations, so these should not be packed.

Items that can be launched off the ship, such as drones, boats and canoes as well as kites are also banned.

Cruise: Luggage limitations on cruise lines are often very generous (Image: Getty)

Cruise luggage: Banned items include irons and drones (Image: Getty)

How do travellers make the most of their luggage space?

A packing expert recently revealed to Express.co.uk the skill behind saving space in your suitcase, which could prove very handy for cruise travellers.

They showed how to fold an ordinary shirt, in a way in which it emerged from the luggage with no creases.

Here’s how it’s done:

Start with the arms, simply fold each arm as per the easy to follow gallery below.

Making sure to move slowly but surely, smooth the fabric after each fold before starting on the next step. This ensures that your shirt remains crease free, however long your flight is.

The very last step, which only the most enthusiastic packing aficionado’s will adhere to, is to package your perfectly folded shirt into a clear plastic bag.

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