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Coronavirus outbreak: How bad is the scene in China? Maybe these pictures will tell...

Coronavirus outbreak: How bad is the scene in China? Maybe these pictures will tell...
China announced that it is swiftly building a 1,000-bed hospital dedicated to patients infected by the coronavirus.“To address the insufficiency of existing medical resources,” Wuhan is constructing a hospital modeled after the Xiaotangshan SARS hospital in Beijing, Wuhan authorities said in a notice. (Photo | AP)
The facility will be a prefabricated structure on a 25,000- square-meter lot, slated for completion on February 3. IN PIC: Heavy equipment works at a construction site for the field hospital. (Photo | AP)
The central Chinese military command has ordered medical staff to help civilian doctors and nurses, the state-run China Central Television (CCTV) reported. As many as 40 military medical officers have already started work in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital. (Photo | AP)
Hospitals in Wuhan were grappling with a flood of patients and a lack of supplies. Videos circulating online showed throngs of frantic people in masks lined up for checks. Some users on the Weibo social media site said their family members had sought diagnoses but were turned away at hospitals that were at capacity. IN PIC: A staff member wearing a hazardous materials suit hauls a bin at a hospital that reported a coronavirus death in Yichang in central China's Hubei Province. (Photo | AP)
Train stations, the airport and subways were closed; police checked incoming vehicles but did not entirely close off roads. Entertainment venues were not spared: karaoke bars, movie theaters and internet cafes in several parts of Hubei were shut down. (Photo | AP)
In the capital, Beijing, major public events were canceled, including traditional temple fairs that are a staple of Lunar New Year celebrations. Beijing's Forbidden City, Shanghai Disneyland and a slew of other tourist attractions have been closed indefinitely. (Photo | AP)
Besides Wuhan, 12 other smaller cities nearby have battened down the hatches, with most of them going public on Friday with various measures ranging from closing public venues and restricting large gatherings to halting public transportation and asking citizens not to leave their cities. (Photo | AP)

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bad bad . hope they find the cure and stop the death numbers

1 Months ago

Aahil Azlaan

may they find the cure asap

29 Days ago

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