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Corona infects exceed 560 in India; outcry in this state, so many deaths

In India, the form of corona voice is becoming increasingly fierce and terrible, in order to avoid this situation, the Prime Minister has lockeddown the entire country for 21 days, so that the spread of this virus can be controlled, so we ask you Humble request that you stay in your homes and be safe.

Corona infects exceed 560 in India; outcry in this state, so many deaths
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If the number of infected persons in India is continuously increasing, and the number of such people has crossed the 560 mark to 568, which is becoming very frightening day by day.

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The situation in these states is frightening

Talking about the number of people infected with Corona, the situation in Kerala is getting terrible, so far 109 people have been infected in Kerala, while so far 101 people in Maharashtra have been infected, apart from Karnataka and North. The situation is also very bad in the state.

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11 people died so far

While 11 people have lost their lives due to this infection, the highest number of deaths have occurred in Maharashtra, 3 people have lost their lives so far, whereas the first case of death has been reported in Tamil Nadu today.

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