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Continuously Thirsty? Count on this Simple Tip to stay Hydrated

Drinking water and still feeling thirsty? Use this simple tip to stay hydrated in summer by nutritionist Lovneet Batra.

Continuously Thirsty? Count on this Simple Tip to stay Hydrated
Continuously Thirsty? Count on this Simple Tip to stay Hydrated

Continuously are you drinking enough water? This is one of the most frequently asked questions during summers. While one should stay hydrated all through the year and not merely in the summer months, it is true that during the season, one is advised to drink enough water to keep away dehydration and other illnesses. However, did you know that there is a way to achieve proper hydration too, so it doesn’t leave you feeling thirsty despite sipping on water?

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra recently took to Instagram to explain how hydration may still leave you thirsty.

While water intake should be at least three to four litres a day, a simple trick to keep the body’s electrolyte balance is to have water-based fruits that can also keep one cool and supply the body with the required amount of hydration.

Here’s what she explained. “Drinking plain water can still leave you thirsty sometimes due to loss of sodium and potassium through sweating, causing an electrolyte imbalance,” she said.

So, what’s the way out?

“Have two to three fruits with a pinch of pink salt during the day,” she said. However, do not have fruits closer to meal times.

Why pink salt?

Pink salt is known to balance the body’s pH levels and regulate blood sugar. That is why, when had along with fruits, it can help the body.

Another way to not feel thirsty is to sit and drink water instead of gulping lots of water.

Water should not be had right before or after a meal. “Keep a gap of at least 30 minutes between drinking water and having your food. Having water too close to your meal can cause indigestion,” said Batra.

So,stay hydrated with these easy tips!

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