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Conspiracy theorist spots statue on Mars, claims it is a proof of alien existence

Waring had earlier urged Donald Trump to make him the head of NASA as it will allow him to disclose alien secrets.

Conspiracy theorist spots statue on Mars, claims it is a proof of alien existence

Scott C Waring is a conspiracy theorist who became famous among alien truth seekers recently for his bizarre discoveries on the Martian surface. Waring, who operates from Taiwan had several times claimed that aliens are living or might have lived on Mars, and in order to prove his theory, he had figured out several anomalies on NASA images taken from the Red Planet.

A bizarre alien statue on Mars?

Adding up the heat to these theories, Waring has now spotted a bizarre alien-like statue on the Martian surface. Waring argues that the face he spotted on Mars looks perfect in all angles, and he claimed to have spotted ear, nose, eye and forehead in the alleged alien face.

"I found this amazing side view of a face in a Mars GigaPan photo today. The detail is fantastic and the ear, nose, eye, and forehead all have great detail to the carving. Placing such an important facial sculpture on the side of a hill makes me think this might be some deity or god of theirs. That this person is supposed to be overlooking a long distance from the top of the hill to watch over everyone. However it looks like it has fallen due to time, earthquakes and wind," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Waring also made it clear that this finding is quite crucial in answering the biggest ever question faced by scientists, "Does alien life exists on Mars?"

Alien fossil on Mars

This is not the first time that Waring is spotting the alleged alien remains on Mars. A few months back, Waring had discovered a structure very similar to a thigh bone, and he argued that this could actually the remains of a gigantic alien creature.

After making this discovery, Waring had urged Donald Trump, the United States president to make him the head of NASA. As per Waring, he will be able to disclose all secrets surrounding alien existence if he gets a chance to work as the head of the United States space agency.

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