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Comparative Study on Astrology and Numerology

Comparative Study on Astrology and Numerology
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Introduction – Astrology:

The study of the movements and relative positions of Planets in the Solar System and Constellation / Celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. It is a method to predict future.

Introduction – Numerology:

The branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers. It is a method to predict future.

Analyzing Astrology

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Prediction of Future is the output of Astrology. Output is based on the Performance of the System and the Inputs given. Here the System is Astrologer, which differs region to region and person to person, so different Outputs are delivered for prediction of future of the same person. Ignoring the function of Systems and focus on the Inputs, for prediction of the future in Astrology. Since it is common input for all systems. So It is selected for analyzing Astrology.

Analyzing Inputs of Astrology

Place, Time and Date of Birth are inputs required for astrological predictions. It is better to understand the inputs to know whether it is required for prediction of future.

Place of Birth: It is the place where birth occurred on The Earth. Latitude and Longitude are the units that represent the coordinates at geographic coordinate system. Place of Birth is used to calculate the Latitude and Longitude of the Person born on The Earth. That is, mapping the right location of birth using Latitude and Longitude co-ordinate.

Time of Birth: It is the time when birth occurred on The Earth. The Earth needs 24 Hours to revolve around itself. Time of Birth is used to calculate how many degrees The Earth revolved on that particular revolution or Day. That is, upon birth, mapping the correct degree revolved by The Earth.

Date of Birth: It is the time when birth occurred on The Solar System. The Earth needs 365 Days to orbit The Sun. Date of Birth is used to calculate how many degrees The Earth traveled on that particular orbit or Year. That is, upon birth, mapping the correct degree traveled on that orbit by The Earth.

Going deeper into the Date of Birth: Year represents the total number of orbit made by The Earth around The Sun with respect to some time of reference (E.g. B.C, A.D etc). Month represents the total degree traveled by The Earth on the particular orbit or the year with respect to some time of reference (E.g. 1st January 2000 etc). Date represents the exact / correct degree traveled by The Earth on the particular sector of the orbit or the month with respect to some time of reference (E.g. January 2000, March 2000, May 2000 etc). Month is further break down to Days in order to get the exact degree of travel of The Earth on the Solar System.

So, it is concluded that Input data on Astrology is required for mapping the exact location of birth on the Earth and with respect to The Solar System. By knowing this data, the relative positions of other planets can calculated with respect to The Earth. So, positional mapping of the whole solar system during birth can be done and it is called Horoscope. Any positional mapping needs some reference to start marking the positions. In the horoscope, The East (Lagnam / Lagna / Ascendant) is considered as the reference point, relatively, all the positions of planets are mapped as it was during birth.

The purpose of planetary positional mapping at birth / Horoscope (Birth Chart):

For a new born, it is the starting point of the travel in the solar system, since he / she exists on The Earth. From that point, one start traveling and on one point of the travel in the solar system, he / she will end the existence on The Earth i.e. death. In between, the start point and end point is called Life on The Earth. Connecting the both end points are called path of life.

But, in this case, only the start point is known but not the end point. So, by extrapolating the path of life using the current planetary positional mapping with respect to the starting point of planetary positional mapping, unknown nearby path of life can be discovered. This is called prediction of the future using Horoscope.

For example, A person (~ new born) starts his journey (~ birth) from Chennai (~ Earth) by road (~ Input data at birth). Assume that he doesn't know the destination of travel, but knows only, that he travels by road from Chennai. Since the journey is started and it is by road, he may use his common sense to predict where can he travel from Chennai by extrapolating the path of travel on road to find any nearby milestone (~ important life events) every time he needs and up to his destination. Extrapolation can be done from Chennai and current travel location towards the path of road for next few kilometer only, because there can be diversions, turns etc on the road. Like that, Predictions should be done only for near future or next few months or a year. Life time predictions is not viable, if it is done so, mostly it won't come true.

Concluding that, logically, one can make prediction of future using the analyzed input data. So, Astrology is the science which uses trigonometry (degree, sector), basics of physics (planetary motions) & astronomy (Planets & Stars), Human Affairs (Life Events) etc to make future predictions based on the given input data. Since there is no standardization of system (Astrologers) to give steady output for the given single input, different outputs are delivered. Everyone has to understand it. Ignoring it as pseudo-science, is just fooling ourselves, which is equals to making remarks before knowing it. Finding the right system and by providing the right input data, one can get right future predictions as output.

Analyzing Numerology

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Prediction of Future is the output of Numerology. Numerologist calculates ones life path number using his date of birth. E.g. 01 January 2000 = 01/01/2000 = 1 + 1 + 2000 = 2002 = 4. Here 4 is the input for the prediction of future.

So far analysis done for the date, month, year, time and place as input for the prediction of future. If anyone add it altogether and bringing it to one single digit, makes no sense. That number (E.g. 4) represents nothing here. Year 2000 is a time line taken from some reference of time i.e. AD of Jesus Christ. If the reference of time line is changed to another time line, then, in this case, one person gets 2 predictions from the same Numerologist, because of 2 different inputs for same person. Based on this, if one makes the predictions, it cannot be right. It cannot be unique for each person.

Some Numerologists uses name to predict the future. Every alphabet has some equal numerical values. Numerologists will add all the numerical values, to give their predictions. If required, alteration on name will be done, either to add some letters or delete some letters to get good numerical values, for better future. It is so funny, because our life journey started without ones name or before one is named. The name comes after one is born, then how can it controls or make changes in the life. By changing / altering the name, can the path of started travel while traveling be changed? No, It is not possible.

Concluding that, logically, one cannot make right prediction of future using numerology which has no basis of science or logic. Similarly, for palm reading etc. Because, Numerologists cannot make study in details of predicting future with respect to time, events etc.


The comparative study of Astrology and Numerology done here is based on the input to the system for the prediction of future as output, ignoring the function / performance of system. In this case, It is found that Astrology is the right tool for prediction of future.

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