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Clear these things with your partner before arranged marriage

Clear these things with your partner before arranged marriage
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If you talk about marriage , then it is different from customs, whether it is love marriage or arrange marriage. While the love marriage is high in these days, there are some people who believe in the arranged Marriage. If you have chosen your partner, then it is fine, or else you are going for arrange marriage then you should know some things before marriage and understand so that there is no problem in keeping the relationship further.

1. Set deadline

Arrange marriage does not mean that if you find someone then you should be immediately tied to the marriage bond. Spend some time with her before marriage and try to know her thoughts. This will make it easier for you to choose the right life partner.

2. Do not hide anything

If you have had a relation before marriage, do not hide it from your spouse exactly. Before starting your married life, share all the things with each other, which can increase distance in your relationship later.

3. Financial partnership

Before marriage, know about your partner's salary and tell her about your own income. This will create understanding in your relationship after marriage and will remain live happily.

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4. Spend time with family

After marriage you have to live not only with your partner but also from your family members. If you want to keep a good rapport with the in-laws after marriage, then you can also make time span with your family members. This will tell you about their thoughts and likes and dislikes.

5. Show your wishes

Before marriage, tell your partner about your wishes. Be sure to say that after marriage, what you want, you want to walk.

6. Talk about Future

Be sure to talk about Future from your partner. Speak openly about what you want to do and what not to do. This will tell you how much supportive the partner is about your dreams and how much.

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