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Car scratches|Fix it at home

Car scratches|Fix it at home
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In this video I'll show you how to remove scratches from the car easily at home.


Check Colour before using, compare colour of the paint with the finish on your car / surface by spraying Com-Paint on a remote area, say on Car door sill. Prepare Surface: Wash scratched area, remove any loose rust, old paint, dirt, wax polish etc. and dry the area thoroughly. Before spray paint application, it is important that you mask the area of your car which is to be refinished. The use of masking tape with even newspaper will help prevent over spray from reaching the other areas of the car. For small and minor scratches: Wet emery pad EP - 2500 and the scratched surface. Gently rub back and forth on the scratch and across by applying a little even pressure of hand. Repeat until most of the scratch disappears. The area will become smooth and dull. When the surface area looks uniform, wipe dry with a clean cloth and now, it is ready for use of Com-Paint spray. For Deep Scratches & Stone Chips: In case of exposed metal surface or deep scratches, use Com-Fill paste to fill the scratch. Apply light coats with the help of rubber applicator to spread evenly for a uniform fill of the scratch and level other surface imperfection. Immediately scrap off the excess with the rubber applicator to level the surface and let it dry for 30 minutes. Wet emery pad EP - 400 and the filled surface, gently rub by applying uniform pressure to level the area to be touched up with the adjoining surface. Wipe dry with a clean cloth and the area is ready for paint spray application. Shake Com-Paint can vigorously until Agitator Ball moves freely. Hold Can straight 25cms (12”) from the surface. Spray in stroking motion to avoid dripping. Apply light coats rather a heavy one which might make paint to sag & run. Wait for 2 minutes between coats. Immediately, after completion of spray paint application, spray Com-Merge - Finishing Solvent on the outer periphery of the touched up area in order to let the paint over spray re-dissolve and merge with the surrounding surface. Let the touched up area dry for 72 hrs. for full curing of the paint film. Clean paint spray button after use. If spray button clogs, rinse it in thinner and replace. To give a final finish, apply a small quantity of Com-Cut to the repair area. Take a clean cloth and start with a soft rubbing action to restore shine. Wipe with a clean dry cloth.

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