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Cantral Railway CPRO: 'Route Of Central Railway Is Saturated, Can't Increase Trains'

The CPRO of the Central Railway unit of Maharashtra on Tuesday stated that the railways cannot increase more trains on the Central route due to prior saturation

Cantral Railway CPRO: 'Route Of Central Railway Is Saturated, Can't Increase Trains'

After a 22-year-old woman died after falling from an overcrowded local train in Dombivli, the Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) of the Central Railway on Tuesday informed that the Railway cannot increase the frequency of trains on the route of the accident, as the route is already saturated.

Shivaji M Sutar, CPRO, Central Railway on Tuesday stated that it was a sad incident and that the railway is taking every possible action to prevent accidents. In his statement to a news agency, he said, "It is a very sad incident. We are trying every possible option to avoid such incidents. We have run 114 new locals in the past one year and 15 new local trains have been initiated from Dombivli. We have also increased the number of security personnel, but this route has been saturated for new trains now."

He further stated that the Central Railway is committed to ensuring the safety and security of the passengers. He also said that there are limitations as far as the issue of increasing the frequency of local trains is concerned.

"We do not blame anyone, but we request that the state government should come forward and co-ordinate with Railway to complete the work of the flyover at two level crossings. The Central Railway has put girders on both these locations three years ago, but the work from the state government is pending till date," he said.

Shivaji Sutar also informed that is the relatives of the deceased girl file for a claim in the Railways Claims Tribunal (RCT) for compensation, then the girl's case will be looked into by the RCT.

The deceased woman was traveling from Kalyan to CST

The painful incident happened on Monday when the woman was traveling from Kalyan to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST).
This incident comes days after a man allegedly robbed and threw a 32-year-old differently-abled woman off a moving train in Mumbai.
As per the FIR, Nagma Ansari boarded the handicapped compartment of Gujarat Express from Dadar railway station with the help of other passengers at around 3:30 pm on Friday.

"As the train started moving, a man got into the train compartment claiming to be a plumber and started closing the doors and windows. After some time, the man tried to snatch the purse of the woman and run away," the FIR in Marathi read.
"However, when the woman resisted and called for help, the man snatched her chain and mobile as well and threw her out of the moving train," it added.

(With inputs from ANI)

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