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British man, 71, drowns in sea in front of wife on second day of family holiday

Frank Battison and wife Susan had been on a 10-day holiday to Lanzarote in October 2018 when he went to swim off the beach

British man, 71, drowns in sea in front of wife on second day of family holiday
The man died in the sea off Lanzarote (file photo) (Image: Getty Images/Westend61)

An elderly man drowned in front of his wife on the second day of their holiday, an inquest has heard.

Frank Battison went from a swim in the sea but got into difficulty and could not be saved.

The coroner's court heard how Frank, from Roche, Cornwall, had gone swimming off Las Cucharas beach on the Spanish island on October 12, 2018.

In a statement, Frank's wife Susan said: "On October 11, 2018, me Frank and my mum flew out to Lanzarote for a ten-day holiday, Cornwall Live reports.

"The following day we went to the beach. At about 12.45pm we went for a coffee. Then me and mum went for a dip.

The statement added when she and her mother cames out of the water Mr Battison went in for a swim.

"I looked back and I couldn't see Frank," Mrs Battison said.

"But I saw someone face down in the water with a lot of people around him. There was a lot of commotion."

Local police on the Canary Island attended the scene.

At 2.35pm a doctor told Mrs Battison that there was nothing more that they could do and that her husband had died.

A postmortem examination carried out two days later showed that there was no sign of a traumatic injury.

Assistant coroner for Cornwall Guy Davies read out Dr Ricardo Gonzales' report and said: "The findings were no external signs of any physical violence or traumatic injuries.

"It says that Frank died of a violent death which might be a mistranslation."

Giving his conclusion, he added: "Frank Battison died on October 12 on Las Cucharas from drowning while swimming in the sea.

"My conclusion is misadventure. The medical cause of death is drowning."

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