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Boris Johnson girlfriend: Where is Carrie Symonds? Has she gone to Brussels?

BORIS JOHNSON is currently in Brussels, where he announced today the UK has agreed a Brexit deal with the EU. But where is Carrie Symonds?

After a busy week of negotiations, Boris Johnson and the EU have finally come to an agreement over the UK’s exit deal from the European Union. Boris’ past few months since entering 10 Downing Street have been fraught with tension - but things could finally be coming to an end for the PM.

Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie has been by his side through the whole journey - although she is not believed to be in Brussels with the Prime Minister today.

Ms Symonds has made some rather high-profile appearances over the last few weeks, however.

Earlier this week, Carrie took a seat in the House of Lords ahead of the State Opening of Parliament.

Ms Symonds was joined by the Prime Minister’s father, Stanley Johnson.

Boris Johnson girlfriend: Has Carrie Symonds joined Boris in Brussels? (Image: Getty Images)Boris Johnson girlfriend: Boris Johnson has managed to get a Brexit deal with the EU (Image: Getty Images)

In late September, Boris and Carrie also travelled to New York for the United Nations General Assembly, although the pair did not attend together.

Ms Symonds attended the Climate Action Summit, in her role as advisor to Oceana - a US environmental group.

While there has been no sign of Carrie in Brussels, the Prime Minister has certainly been busy negotiating while away from Downing Street.


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Boris Johnson declared earlier today he had secured a “great new” Brexit deal with Brussels.

At a press conference in Brussels, the PM said: “I hope very much now, speaking of elected representatives, that my fellow MPs in Westminster do now come together to get Brexit done, to get this excellent deal over the line and deliver Brexit without any more delay.”

Before close of play on Friday, Mr Johnson will now have to get all 27 EU leaders to sign off the deal.

The deal will then be voted on by the House of Commons on ‘Super Saturday’, the day Boris Johnson will be compelled to ask the EU for an extension to negotiations if his Brexit deal is voted down by MPs.

Boris Johnson girlfriend: Carrie Symonds attended the UN Climate Action Summit last month (Image: Getty Images)

However President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker told reporters today “there is no need” for any further extensions to be given to the UK.

Mr Juncker said: “We have a deal. There is no need for any kind of prolongation.

“This is a fair and balanced agreement and a testament to our commitment to find solutions.

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) announced today they will not be supporting the Prime Minister’s proposed deal.

Boris Johnson girlfriend: Carrie Symonds at the State Opening of Parliament with Stanley Johnson (Image: Getty Images)

In a statement the DUP said: ““Following confirmation from the Prime Minister that he believes he has secured a “great new deal” with the European Union the Democratic Unionist Party will be unable to support these proposals in Parliament.

“The Democratic Unionist Party has worked since the referendum result to secure a negotiated deal as we leave the European Union.

“We have been consistent that we will only ever consider supporting arrangements that are in Northern Ireland’s long-term economic and constitutional interests and protect the integrity of the Union.”

Taioseach Leo Varadkar took to Twitter earlier today to voice his support for the Prime Minister’s deal.

Mr Varadkar said: “We have #Brexit Agreement that allows UK leave EU in orderly way.

“We have unique solution for NI that respects unique history and geography.

“Its good for Ireland and NI. No hard border. All-island and East-West economy can continue thrive.

“Protects Single Market & our place in it.”

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