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Bollywood Stars Who Married Their Fans

If you’ve seen Shah Rukh Khan’s movie “Fan” you would know the passion with which fans follow their favorite celebrities. From waiting outside their house to catch an actual glimpse of them to combating the haters on social media, the fans come handy and are like a virtual ninja for their favorite celebrities. But do you know, there have been instances when Bollywood actors actually ended up marrying their fans? Yes, have a look at the following Bollywood couples who tied a knot under the sacred power of fandom:

Jeetendra Kapoor

Bollywood Stars Who Married Their Fans

The yesteryear actor married his fan,Shobha Kapoor in 1974, who was an Air Hostess in British Airways at that time.

Esha Deol


The soon to be a mother Esha married businessman Bharat Takhtani, who apparently had a crush on the actor from his school days.

Dilip Kumar


Though Saira Banoo was not any less as far as the celebrity status is concerned, but she was a die hard fan of Dilip Kumar since her school days. They had an astounding age difference at the time they got married in 1966. Dilip was 44 and Saira was barely 22 around that time.



Mumtaz married business tycoon Mayur Madhvani in 1974, who had a big crush on her ever since he had seen her on screen.

Rajesh Khanna


Its no new news that Rajesh Khanna was a heartthrob of his time. In fact, it was a dream come true for Dimple Kapadia who got married to the megastar at the tender age of 16. She, like all the other girls, had a huge crush on him and it was certainly a dream come true for her.

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how can dimple kapadia get married at the age of 16, it is illegal

6 Months ago

Wacko Jacko

that's not true love.... the reality is if the fans were from ordinary middle class family then they would not have married them the actors married them because the fans were from Rich family background..the real truth.

6 Months ago

fareed Bangalore

that's a true love❤😘

6 Months ago

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