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Billion Dollar Facts Which Everyone Must Know

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Today we are here to give you some Interesting and very useful information that's going to make you know something which is unexpected. Hope this is going to be very useful for you. Knowing these facts you will be surely satisfied. Do guys let's know them-

Billion Dollar Facts Which Everyone Must Know
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No one would have imagined such place on his life. If this is the reality and it is really the hottest fire considered then hell fire is going to be unexpected. This place is of Ethiopia is known as the gateway of hell fire and a place of existence of most of the aliens.

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Scientists of this world succeeded in breaking the atom but that's the succor destruction. As revealed about atom that if you go on breaking the atom into you find nothing except energy. These are the only energy which are responsible for nuclear war.

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Failure is the first step of success. How we are and where we are doesn't matter sometimes point of things a huge and great change. No one should be considered as weak or disabled. Everyone in this world is offered with something unique.

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This is one of the most deadly diseases ever faced by humans. Just imagine life without sleep. No can live without sleep and rest. This not considered as sleep but considered as a sin by the creator for peoples deeds.

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Tipu Sultan

first take care of earth . then we can think of Mars or moon

6 Months ago


Colonising moon or mars?? Stupidity. We can't make earth good to live even thought it has all the things to live. How can we make mars or moon habitable then?? Strange...

5 Months ago


thanks for the information its too good

6 Months ago

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