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Bigg Boss Marathi 2: ‘Ticket to Finale’ begins with a surprise as ex-contestants re-enter the house

Bigg Boss Marathi 2: ‘Ticket to Finale’ begins with a surprise as ex-contestants re-enter the house

Mumbai: Bigg Boss Marathi's game entered the 13th week recently but still the animosities don’t seem to end in the house. The latest episode began on the same note with the housemates having arguments on various issues in the house. And within no time amidst all these fights suddenly Bigg Boss asked the housemates to freeze again.

The freeze-release task again began in the house but this time the surprise element was not the entry of family members of the contestants but instead it was the re-entry of all the contestants who got eliminated in this season. Soon, all known faces from this season started entering the house one after the other.

The 'Ticket to Finale' task began and had these ex-contestants play a very important role. These re-entered ex-contestants had to give names of two contestants whom they thought are playing the best game and then re-enter the house. While these ex-contestants entered in the house again all except the safe contestants, Abhijeet Bichukale remained in freeze-mode.

The first to enter as a part of this distinct task was Vidhyadhar Joshi aka Bappa. He saved Neha and Shivani and then entered the house. The next to enter was Digamber Naik, who saved Neha and Shivani and then was seen meeting all the contestants who were still in freeze-mode. Then came Maithili Javkar and she was seen saving Veena and Shiv.

The next to come in the house was Surekha Punekar who saved Neha and Shivani. While the task was going on smoothly and even though this task had no scope for a fight, a big argument did escalate between the housemates and Bichukale. Bichukale was a bit rude to Surekha when she entered, which was not liked by any of the housemates. This became the topic for a big argument as everyone went against Bichukale.

Then, entered Vaishali Mhade, who was seen saving Neha and Shiv. Vaishali even celebrated Rakshabandhan with her Rakhi brother from the house Shiv. The next to come in was Madhav and, as expected, he saved his best friends Neha and Shivani. He then met his friend Bichukale and both were seen singing and dedicating songs towards their friendship.

Later, Madhav took leave and on this note, the episode ended. The episode definitely gave the contestants a boost and also many new memories to cherish. Though the episode ended with the task, it will continue in the next episode as well and few more ex-contestants will be seen re-entering the house again.

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