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Bhopal: Seasonal illness on rise due to variation in temperature

Bhopal: Seasonal illness on rise due to variation in temperature

BHOPAL: Variation of temperature in October is causing cough, cold and viral fever and throat infection. These cases are on rise due to exposure in last few days. Day temperature is on rise while night temperature is reducing. The trend will continue till October end.

Consistent exposure to temperature variation is the main cause of seasonal virus and throat infection. It is misconception in public that it is due to allergy but doctors rejected this concept.

The rise in day temperatures has brought with it the annual host of viral ailments. Doctors are reporting a sharp spike in cases of said diseases over the last few days. Constant change in body temperature during October also gives rise to viral infections.

The problem is that people afflicted with viral fever tend to continue to work or go to school or college, instead of resting at home. This not only aggravates the viral, it also leads to the infection spreading. Simple symptomatic treatment like paracetamol and steam inhalation, rest and consumption of lot of water is enough for recovery in most cases.

Hamidia Hospital medical superintendent (MS) Dr AK Shrivastava said, “Throat infections are being majorly reported in transition period of weather. It is not allergy. It happens every year in October so people should not panic. People should take medicines, after consulting the doctor. People should avoid exposure as much as they can.”

Day temperature continued to be above 30 degree Celsius in the last few days in the state capital, causing intense heat in day time.

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