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Best time to visit Kerala with family

Ring in the New Year by visiting Kerala because it's a perfect time and has the ideal climate for someone who doesn't like the blazing summer sun or the torrential downpour caused by the monsoon winds. January is great because you will notice clear skies and cool evening breezes while enjoying the activities mentioned below-

Sandalwood forests at Marayoor:

Best time to visit Kerala with family
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Marayoor is known as the hub of sandalwood trees and is one of the best places to visit during January. If you opt for Munnar Tour Packages, then you can visit this location and witness ancient rock paintings that go back to the Stone Age. The place has an ethereal vibe because of the stone coffins and crudely created slabs. You have to see the stone coffins because they reveal underground tunnels that have paintings. These crude illustrations depict scenes from Ramayana and Dwaparayug.

You can admire the Adoor Gajamela:

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Gajamela is a significant festival that takes place at Adoor; it's a sight to behold with the nine decked up elephants; the celebrations take place towards the end of Jan. The mela is held to celebrate Lord Krishna and if you're visiting Kerala during the first month of the year, then ensure that you look up this festival as well because the best time to visit Kerala with family.

Kalamachal Hill Station:

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If you're looking for the best locations to visit in Trivandrum, then you have to see the hill station that is covered with greenery and mist. The Kalamachal Hill Station is an ideal place for travellers who want to escape the hustle of city life, and want to unwind in total peace and silence.

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