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Bengaluru Police Commissioner struggles for keep city safe; Dy CM wants to endanger it

In a rather dramatic incident in front of the CM, Karnataka Dy CM went on a tirade against the Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao, IPS. The issue? Deputy CM Dr. CN Ashwathnarayan wanted issuance of more daily passes.

The Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister went on a tirade against Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao, IPS on Thursday. Reportedly the matter was seen rather unfortunate by the public in general. Local Kannada media suggested that that the Dy CM wanted Commissioner Rao to issue more passes for food delivery executives.

The Dy CM was reportedly demanding more daily passes for food delivery executives, so they can ply on roads during the nationwide lockdown. But as per media reports, the police commissioner took a call to deny Ashwathnarayan's demand so as to maintain lesser people on the ground owing to fears of the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The whole incident happened in the presence of the Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa.

Why passes?

The reasoning behind issuing movement passes to essential services is to ensure people don't step out (during the 21-day nation-wide lockdown) and their daily needs are met by having only delivery executives out. This way, people stay indoors in line with the directives of the union government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Bengaluru Police Commissioner struggles for keep city safe; Dy CM wants to endanger it

Health experts suggest that the only way to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country (which has already infected close to 700 people and claimed 16 lives) is by pushing for mass physical distancing and home quarantine. The union and the Karnataka government is hailed by the public at large for taking all the necessary measures to ensure the crisis doesn't get out of hand.

DyCM lost sight of the greater good? Concerned citizens ask

Citizens & local media in Karnataka feel that allowing more people on roads, even if it means by issuing daily passes to people who are carrying out essential services such as food delivery, would defeat the purpose of the lockdown.

PM Narendra Modi had earlier called for a nationwide lockdown for 21-days, hoping to keep people indoors. But the unusual demand by the Deputy CM Ashwathnarayan is seen by many as unfortunate, unnecessary and unbecoming of a minister as it poses a threat to the purpose of a lockdown, not to mention puts more people at risk of developing an infection.

Power has gotten to the head to Dr Ashwathnayan. At a time when even PM Modi wants minimum people on the road; Dy CM is letting his people dictate terms of issuing more passes. Does the Dy CM not care about the people? Or does he just want to please his own confidants?" said a BJP worker on conditions of anonymity.

Bhaskar Rao is a people's police commissioner & Dy CM is a decent politician. The CP has brought new life into the City Police. Very sad to see both good people in an argument like this. Dy CM could have avoided such remarks. Why risk the lives of millions of Bengalurueans?" a news reporter quipped.

Both Bhaskar & Ashwath are decent people. Sad that Ashwath lost sight of the greater good and didn't realise the CP wasn't really opposing him but was only making a good point" said a senior member of a political party.

People are also criticizing DyCM's remarks made over the issuance of extra daily passes for food delivery agents and his outburst against the city police commissioner.

Reports suggested that the Commissioner of Police has even offered to quit. CP Bengaluru, Bhaskar Rao could not be reached for comment at the time of filing of this report. And as soon as we receive a comment from the Dy. CM, this story will be duly updated.

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