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Before I met you I never knew what love really is

Before I met you I never knew what love really is
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I promised myself to you and to always be true because,

I will be here for you no matter what...

Your love made me happy and whole because I know that you are the one...

No matter what happens I am always here for you, I promise...

My body mind and soul only longs for you and no one else...

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You were worth the wait, every minute of it...

I finally found you, my one true love...

True love is being true to yourself and to someone you love...

True love exists for the people who keep looking for it and patiently waiting for it...

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I liked it between two beautiful heart

4 Months ago


nice.... gebon nosto korchay ak girl

3 Months ago

Laxmi Bai

super words..its means love means a beautiful word between two people

3 Months ago

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