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Before 1 month of heart attack body gives these 5 signs, do not ignore at all

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In today's article I am going to tell you about five such signs that come before the heart attack comes.

There are 5 signs before heart attack -

Before 1 month of heart attack body gives these 5 signs, do not ignore at all

5) Swelling on the legs or on the other side - Friends, Our heart supplies blood throughout the body. If there are some obstructions in this work, blood can not be supplied in many areas due to which there is swelling in those places.


4) Problem in breathing - If you have trouble breathing, you should definitely get a doctor examined. This happens when the heart can not supply oxygen to the lungs. This is also the symptom of heart attack.


3) Chest pain or burning sensation - If your chest often has a problem of pain and burning, then you should definitely contact the doctor because this is also the symptom before the heart attack.


2) Weakness and fatigue - The body becomes weak when oxygen is not properly supplied. The heart supplies oxygen to the whole body through blood, but if this task is not being done properly then problems like weakness and fatigue occur. If this problem has been for a long time, you should definitely meet with the doctor.


1) Dizziness - People often ignore the occurrence of dizziness but this happens when the oxygen can not reach the brain. This happens when there is some disturbance in the heart.


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Heart doesn't supply oxygen to lungs .... kindly rectify your update

12 Months ago


You know its said never read such articles or do Google of your problem, it gives a panic attack to person. Next time post remedy content instead of sign

10 Months ago


I must go thoroug check on my body

11 Months ago

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