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Be careful of these things in your life

1.Romantic relationships.

Be careful of these things in your life
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They usually distract you completely due to constant craving of your partner for attention hence and often ruins your career. In the end, both your career and partner are gone.

2. Alcohol and smoking.

Both of these damages your brains cells. In addition, if any cancerous condition develops in your body due to these, your entire youth will be ruined in getting chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

3. Excessive partying.

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We are humans. We can party at any age and at any time. But your 20s is not the time to do that(excessively). Study while they party now and thereafter, party like they dreamt of.

4. Earning money through any way possible.

It is that age which tempts you to earn money and prove your worth to the parents. Don’t do that. Focus on your studies first and build a strong base. After that, money will come easily to you. No need to run here and there to earn it.

5. Social Media.

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I am not asking you to stay away from social media totally. Try joining some good educational and motivational pages on social media so that you get proper direction in your life.

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This is something which today's teens have to understand completely

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