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Banana fruit is in dangerous situation !

Banana fruit is in dangerous situation !

Banana is known for its excellent nutrition values. It has many medicinal properties. Doctors say that eating a banana every day will give the body plenty of energy. It has the power to regulate digestion. Observers say that the most popular banana fruit will only be found in the text books for a few years. The world’s most sought-after Cavendish bananas are in danger now.

Of the more than a thousand banana species in the world, only 300 species are suitable for human consumption.

Out of them,The Cavendish banana is special. This banana is also one of the most cultivated in the world. The TR-4 fungus which destroys the banana is spreading rapidly.

Experts have found that the fungus spreads through the tires of the tractors used in the cultivation of banana plantations and the man’s shoes on the farm. Once the crop is spread, it is said to be impossible to prevent. Chemicals that are resistant to this fungus are still under investigation.

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