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Bali was helpless before this brave warrior, he was not Ram but someone else...

Let me tell you a truth given in the Ramayana which very few people know. We are going to tell you about the king of which shoulder and great warrior Bali. Bali was the man who made the rounds of the whole world by tying Ravana with his tail for 6 months.

Bali was helpless before this brave warrior, he was not Ram but someone else...
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Bali and Sugriva are the children of Brahma. Bali had the boon that whoever fought with him would get half of his power. Because of this boon, Bali never lost any battle. One day Bali was screaming in the forest who is the one who can beat me. Bali shouted disrupted austerity. He said, Vanar Raj, you are very powerful but why are you screaming like this.

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Bali got angry on hearing this and he said, Hanuman, can't even your Ram beat me. Hearing this, Hanuman accepted his challenge. Then it was decided that there would be a riot between the two as soon as the sunrise tomorrow. At the time Hanuman was preparing there. Then Brahma ji came there and he said- Don't you riot Hanuman ji replied to Brahma ji that Prabhu challenged me to fight in Bali. But he has insulted my adorable Ram as well.

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After hearing this, Brahma Ji said that when you go for the riot, then you should take one-tenth of your strength. Give all the rest to me. Hanuman ji agreed and took a tenth of his strength and reached to riot. When he reached Dangal. Till then, according to boon, Bali took half of his strength in his body. Which created a stir in Bali's body. He felt as if a sea of ​​strength had arrived.

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At the same time Brahma ji came there and he said- Bali you consider yourself the most powerful person. But your body is not able to take even a small part of Hanuman's strength. If you want to save your life, then run away from here Hanuman is more powerful than you. After this, Bali bowed down to Hanuman and apologized to him. Now what do you say about this article, friends? Let me know your answers and opinions in the comment box below.

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Ya...nice but its not bali. .. It is vaali right.

8 Months ago

The Boss

Only pakhandi saw all gods and demons, and they wrote all this nonsense, where are all god now, hell and heaven, apsara and brahmastras.

8 Months ago


log thor aur hathode ko to dil se dekhte hai lekin hanuman aur gada ko bhool gaye hai

8 Months ago

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