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Bad news for war film fans, after knowing you may be disappointed

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Hello, we know that you are eagerly waiting for Hrithik and Tiger's upcoming film 'War'. After watching the teaser of the film, everyone's curiosity has increased even more. Everyone is just waiting for 2 October to enjoy the fun of this action-packed film in theaters.

Bad news for war film fans, after knowing you may be disappointed
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The film also stars Vaani Kapoor, this film has been shot in 7 countries and 15 cities. It took over a year to design the film's action sequences, the thrilling scenes are choreographed by four of Hollywood's biggest action directors.

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After knowing all this you may have been filled with more enthusiasm, but recently the director of the film Siddharth Anand has given a bad news related to the film. Actually the trailer launch event of the film has been canceled, the trailer will be launched but there will be no event.

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If the event had happened, many more things related to the film would have come to the fore which would have drawn more viewers to theaters, Tiger and Hrithik would not be familiar with the media, it is quite disappointing. Everyone wants to know more and more about the war, but now it will not be possible.

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Director Siddharth, stating the reason for this decision, said - "The trailer launch event of a film like War should be of a very big level that can match the level of the film, but according to the arrangements, it seems impossible, that's why we canceled the event.".

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