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Are you an Engineering Student - Do apply these in your course period

Are you an Engineering Student - Do apply these in your course period
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Most of the points here are the result of my experience with engineering, I didn't apply everything during my course period.

Engineering is different from High School : Accept this reality right from the start. Normally in Indian High Schools the focus is on memorizing concepts and the ability to present them in examinations. If you have the same attitude in engineering, things can get a lot difficult

Focus on understanding and not memorizing : In continuation to the previous point, focus on understanding the concepts. Though it may take a while to understand than to memorize, the end results are worth this time

Grades always don't mean everything : It is very much possible that your grades are average or below in the first few semesters. Understand that it is very normal and learn to brace the truth. As long as the due diligence is done and you understand the concepts (as earlier said), get on with it. Again, grades don't always determine the job and your future

Make yourself a Specialist : The problem with engineering is the wide variety of topics that are covered. By trying to be the master of all trades, you may ultimately lack specialty. Though you can never ignore topics for the sake of decent grades, focus on something you really like and make yourself a specialist. Examples could be Programming, Web Design etc. Take my word - corporate world loves specialists

Make studying a regular habit : It is quite possible that you develop an habit of cramming before the examinations. Though you may earn decent grades with this habit, it doesn't earn you long term results. Make studying a regular habit and take it easy before exams

There's a lot outside studying in College : Your life in an engineering college is an experience. Don't spend all the time in just academic learning and earning grades. Get into extra-curricular activities like music and drama clubs, sports groups and whatever you enjoy

I hope you find these tips useful. Good luck with your Engineering and future :) Do follow me if you liked my suggession.

Thank you - Salted News

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