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Apple patents new ‘Air Pressure Sensor’ for future AirPods Pro and Powerbeats Pro

Apple recently launched the much-anticipated Apple AirPods Pro with noise-cancelling feature, making it the third iteration of the company’s true-wireless earphones. The company has now patented a new technology which can be seen in the future wireless earphones from Apple.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has officially published a series of 61 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. which also includes a patent for possibly next-gen AirPods Pro or Powerbeats Pro — Air Pressure Sensor.

Apple patents new ‘Air Pressure Sensor’ for future AirPods Pro and Powerbeats Pro

The patent is about integrating a new “Air Pressure Sensor” into the future earphone that are not available today on either Apple or Beats earphones. The report adds that the word “Air Pressure Sensor” has been mentioned 82 times in this granted patent with 14 of those times in Apple’s all-important patent claims.

It states that one of the aspects of the invention is a method performed by an earphone for confirming that the earphone is to be activated by determining a current usage state of the earphone. This is accomplished through the use of an air pressure sensor that is inserted, along with a speaker of the earphone, into the ear canal of the user.

As for the working on this new sensor, the patent adds that the air pressure sensor produces an air pressure signal that indicates the air pressure within the ear canal, as the earphone is being inserted into the ear of the user.

The sensor detects changes in the air pressure within the ear canal with respect to ambient atmospheric pressure. These changes are caused by the tip of the earphone when it creates a seal within the ear canal and compresses the volume of air.

It remains to be seen if this new feature makes it to the wireless earphones coming from the company anytime soon and which lineup of product becomes the first to make use of this newly patented technology.

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