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Apple iPhone 11 price is the same as last year

Apple's iPhone 11 series will be released this week, I believe that the recent overwhelming news has made the fruit powder to the new machine. Of course, for the fruit powder, the brand new Apple iPhone 11 series price problem will still be the key. After all, from last year's pricing, the final sales volume is actually the lower-priced iPhone XR.

Apple iPhone 11 price is the same as last year
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For the price of the Apple iPhone 11 series, recently announced that people have released relevant news. It is reported that this year's three Apple iPhone 11 will be priced from 749 US dollars, 999 US dollars and 1099 US dollars, the price is the same as last year's iPhone.

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However, according to the information given by the supply chain, since 70% of the internal design of the Apple iPhone 11 series this year is the same, even if it is partially upgraded, its cost is expected to drop by 10%. However, it is reported that Apple does not intend to give benefits to consumers, Apple's move is to cope with the impact of December tariffs (offset tariffs), but in the end Apple can still get more profits.

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Of course, since the iPhone 11 series has been upgraded in places such as cameras and processors, new features such as wireless charging sharing will also be added. Therefore, the fruit powder can also be understood as the iPhone 11 series is "adding no increase." However, for the fruit powder, the upgrade is not large and the price is still expensive, even without the popular 5G network support. These will affect their desire to iteratively upgrade the iPhone.

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It is reported that the Apple iPhone 11 series will start full pre-sale on September 13 and will be officially released before September 20, which is also in line with Apple's usual arrangements. If there are no accidents, the Bank of China will definitely be in the starting lineup. In addition to the iPhone 11 series, other new products are expected to land in the Chinese market later than foreign countries, and it is advisable to pay more attention to the fruit powders of other new “family barrels”.

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