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Antwerp: 3 Best Places To Explore In The City Of Antwerp

Antwerp, the Diamond capital of the world, is a must-visit. Read on to know some of the best places to visit when in the beautiful city of Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp: 3 Best Places To Explore In The City Of Antwerp

Antwerp is a port city that is located on Belgium’s River Scheldt, Europe. The city is also known as the Diamond capital of the world due to the thousands of diamond traders, cutters and polishers working there. This famous city is known for a variety of things, besides luxurious diamonds and the mouth-watering Belgian treats. The city has a great number of historic places to visit. Listed below are some of the great places one must visit when in Antwerp.

Best Places to visit in Antwerp, Europe

1) Ruben's House

This European city is filled with great cafes, book shops and really good for some street shopping. A great iconic place here is Ruben's house. The famous painter Pieter Paul Rubens used to live here and had a mini-studio where he would paint. The place is kept intact for visitors to come and have a look at the monumental place. The house is full of his Artwork. One must later visit the Meir street for some great treats.

2) Antwerp Central Station

This is an absolute must when in Antwerp. It may look like an ordinary station from outside but once inside, you will see why the place is so legendary. The Gothic architecture of the building is worth witnessing. This station is one of the world’s top five most beautiful train stations. The Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp is another iconic place that one must see when in Antwerp, Europe.

3) Plantin-Moretus Museum

Another great place that is a must-visit is the Museum aan de Stroom which has a spectacular structure and view. When traveling to Europe, especially Antwerp, one must visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place also consists of a museum exploring the world’s oldest printing press and a 17th-century library with the artwork. One must visit this extraordinary place to marvel at the history.

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