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Amazing thoughts and facts on change

Amazing thoughts and facts on change!

A change! it's among the most important aspect of life whether you like it or not with the time you need to change! your thoughts your dreams your perception almost all changes with time rather direct word would be the experience changes everything even nature is not stable it changes every moment if nature someday decides to stop and not to change any more life would start decaying soon, so let's check today amazing thoughts and facts about change.

Amazing thoughts and facts on change
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Random thoughts flow through the mind as any change in the system (Universe) impacts the sub-system (Individual)

"Life is all about embracing the changes and coping up with unpredictable events".

"The flexible are preserved unbroken because it dismisses rigidity & welcomes change."

Movement brings a change in every sphere of life, including consciousness.

Life is a set of possibilities and anything can change through Grace.

If you wished to change someone else, try changing yourself, you will know what it takes for a change.

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A repeated thought, unresolved imagination or negative belief puts *burden* on this psycho-emotional-energetics *body*, which if not changed turns into obsession

Change is possible when you see there is a flaw in your habits. 

By denying Change is Constant one embraces timidity & selfishness which are a source of evilness.

If one has values, one can change people.

Be the change or be disrupted.

Be a possibilitarian, one who can see a solution for seemingly impossible problems & changed the world.

You can change the world or you can worry about fitting in, but you just can't do both.

All personal breakthroughs begin with a change in beliefs.

Things don't change, we change. 

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One who cannot ask oneself *problem-solving questions* can't change destiny.

Persistence is the mother of personal change.

There are three constants in our life...Changes, Choices and Principles.

One cannot change one's habit without first changing the way of one feels & thinks.

True change is within; leave the outside as it.

When one holds on to consciousness, one becomes unconditioned, changeless, formless, immovable, unfathomable awareness & unperturbed.

The feeling is cosmic communication. A change of feeling is a change of destiny.

The appearance of things changes according to the emotions, and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.

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A change of feeling is a change of destiny.

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cnyd4:- Readers may think over and tell In reality you don't find any old couple so much understanding and broadminded not expecting anything from only son whom they brought up so well and guided him to be a top classI officer ( who was very affectionate and loving parents till marriage) suddenly after marriage to a highly educated girl from a educated family( expecting education brings maturity and good values) transforms as if possessed under some evil charm( Vaseekaranam) of wife

3 Months ago


Cntd3:- Now question is ". Changes with time are natural and one should adapt to change".Agreed old parents respected their separate stayal in the same town.Did not mind when son& d' in law didn't visit them often but once in 3 or 6 months.Didnt mind not caring for them when they need son by their side in old age.Didnt say anything even if their visits on holidays to sons home were not permitted.But felt hurt after years when they were denied access to grandson even if they are ready to visit

3 Months ago


contd2:--this educated,broadminded,and understanding parents who are financially independent and in somewhat good health around 60 yrs didn't say or comment and felt happy whenever son visited them even once in 3 or 4 months and used to enquire their health once in a month on phone.But reveal problem cropped up after 2 to 3 years when grandson arrived, This old couple like to see the grandson often and spend time with him,toWhichD'inLaw didn't agree eitherToSendToTheirHouseOrAllowThemToHerHome

3 Months ago

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