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Amazing thoughts and facts about gratitude

Amazing thoughts and facts about Gratitude,

"Expressing Gratitude is like activating a giant magnet inside you to attract prosperity & abundance".

"Gratitude helps in staying a persistent state of awareness of the eternal principle that animates all of life".

Amazing thoughts and facts about  gratitude
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"No amount of gratitude & price tag will suffice for the hard work & creativity behind every consumable".

"The secret for more & more goodness in life is Gratitude."

"Gratitude towards parents leads to all kinds of success."

"The highest of all feelings is Gratitude."

"Expressing gratitude expands one's consciousness".

"Gratitude is the easiest way to please divine."

"Feelings have no resistance and gratitude is the mother of all good feelings."

"Gratitude helps to discover a connection with higher consciousness."

"Forgiveness is the joy-filled lessons, buried under the treasures of pain which paves the way for Gratitude."

"Expressing gratitude for what's happening in your life reveals synchronicity & things falls into place."

"When one expresses gratitude daily, the brain releases dopamine which is a neurotransmitter of motivation."

"A person with high gratitude lives in a state of high consciousness."

"Gratitude is an awareness of the sacredness of life."

"Gratitude is the antidote to misery."

"Gratitude is the secret of all goodness in life."

"Cultivating curiosity & gratitude is cultivating Life."

"Acknowledging the contribution of something or someone & letting it go with gratitude, puts life in order."

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"Gratitude makes pineal glands release melatonin which regulates sleep-wake cycles & longevity."

"Gratitude helps you to remain like a child."

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