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All about desi flavours

All about desi flavours

How is it being associated with MasterChef ?

I am delighted to be a part of the show once again. It is so nice to see so many young at heart and passionate budding chefs who are eager to learn and grow. So, I am looking forward to eating some really good food, teaching and enjoying another fruitful season of MasterChef.

How is this season different from the previous seasons?

The new addition of the season is the Indian-ness of the food, the desi-ness of the food. One thing I can say is that the food this time will be very relatable to our Indian audiences. The audience will see how the food we eat everyday can be prepared in different ways.

For you, what are the three ingredients that are necessary in every dish?

Indian spices are very rich and my most important ingredients are salt, butter and garlic. I do not prepare any of my dishes without these three things. I feel if these ingredients are a part of the dish, it will taste better.

Can you share the journey of a contestant?

There is a contestant on the show, who had something very interesting to share with us during the auditions. He told us that he used to watch cooking videos and food videos secretly so that his family members would not catch him. That was an eye-opener for us because this proved that cooking in India is still considered as ‘a woman’s job’.

Do you think being a chef is still not considered as a stable job?

Surprisingly yes! I have experienced this in the past where a person has studied, given exams, become a chef and even then, they ask questions like Ab Aage Kya? It is very sad to see that people in our country do not still see this as a stable job. But I hope this show encourages and motivates budding chefs to be positive about their passion.

What are the qualities that you are looking for in the winner of MasterChef 6?

It will be hard work and passion. If these two qualities are present in the contestants, I believe they can cross any boundaries. The hunger to learn and grow is also very important.

How tough is running a restaurant?

Running a restaurant is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. I recently opened a restaurant in Dubai, and I have had the toughest time looking for someone who can manage the place. You have to keep evolving and changing as per the customers so it is a continuous job.

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