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After leaving the adult industry, Mia Khalifa is upset due to this reason

After leaving the adult industry, Mia Khalifa is upset due to this reason
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Adult star Mia Khalifa has stopped working in the adult film industry for the last several years, but even after this, Mia Khalifa is facing a lot of problems. Recently, Mia Khalifa spoke openly about her experience in an interview. In this interview given to the BBC, Mia said that her experience of working in the adult film industry has been very bad. Mia told that even after three years of leaving the industry, she has no personal life left.

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He said, "Post-traumatic stress occurs whenever I go to the public. Because whenever people have their eyes on me, I feel that people can see inside my clothes." Mia told that when her family came to know about this work, they separated Mia from the family. Mia said about this, after leaving the industry she became completely alone.

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Mia told that she was still alone when she left the industry, but still she left the job. Mia said, "I later realized that some mistakes are not worth forgiving. But time heals all wounds and things are healing now. "He said," Many people started contacting me after an interview related to my experience in the adult film industry. Many e-mails came. My manager used to check, filter and then send me the staff associated with such subject. "

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Ravish kumar

Go to your previous work again. People like to see your work.

5 Months ago


Bhai sab Keh rahe hai ki usne galat kiya ye hum kaun hote hai decide karne wale , Apne Girebaan Me Jhankte Hai nahi Dusro ki Zindagi me zarur Jhankenege , Sab Log Dhyaan se suno Uski Zindagi ko Allah Ke Upar Chhod Do Baaki Allah Ki marzi Chahe Use Maaf Kare Ya Saza De ,Allah Hum Sab ki Magfirat Farmayee

4 Months ago


some mistakes are not worth forgiving

4 Months ago

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