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After Subhasri’s Death, Party Leaders Pledge to Say No to Banners

After Subhasri’s Death, Party Leaders Pledge to Say No to Banners
It was Raghu in 2017 and Subhasri in 2019. Even the Madras High Court ordering a ban on hoardings could not stop politicians from erecting banners on pavements and medians.

Twenty-three-year-old Subhasri was riding her scooter in Pallikaranai, Chennai on Thursday when an illegal AIADMK banner came crashing down on her. In seconds, she was thrown on the road and a water tanker ran her over. The driver of the tanker has been arrested by the St Thomas Mount Traffic Investigation Police and investigation is underway.

What has enraged people more on social media is the illegal banner.

The banners were installed on either side and on the median by a former AIADMK councillor to announce his son’s wedding. However, there is no mention of the former councillor in the FIR.

Following uproar on social media, a few party functionaries took an oath to say no to banners and to not encourage their party workers to erect them.

Back in December 2017, US-based techie Raghu's motorbike rammed into a wooden structure set up by the AIADMK, resulting in him being run over by a truck.


Many citizens took to social media to slam the ruling party, with the hashtag #WhoKilledSubhashree.

AIADMK Spokesperson Kovai Sathyan took to Twitter to pledge he shall not erect banners or encourage the practice.

Meanwhile, Dr Senthilkumar, DMK MP from Dharmapuri, also pledged to say #IAmAgainstHoardings.

In 2017, the Madras High Court had issued an order banning banners of living persons and political parties, but parties in the state have continued to put up banners and hoardings in violation of the law.

Citizens said officials should boycott functions where there are huge hoardings erected and should also instruct their functionaries to say no to banners. Many also pointed out that movie stars too should stand up against erecting massive cutouts and banners.

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in India law is shit...whether the law is passed by high court or any other court we wake up from our sleep when we sacrifice a life in our stupidity...

5 Months ago


i feel pity for that tanker driver

5 Months ago

£~\\$+💐€£🎊൱7@ 8 ഫ്

bastarddds political and police dogs,arrest the admk councillor.

5 Months ago

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