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A Diary Written by the Indian States

A Diary Written by the Indian States
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Dear Kashmir,

We heard that cry, very loud and clear. Actually we hear it often now-a-days, in the echoes of little and large incidents that litter our newspapers. Your cry for help has made us all feel the pain, sorrow and sympathize with the terrible situation you are in. But we are helpless and can do little, except read, hear and comment. But please don’t lose hope, for all yet is not lost.

It is not your fault that you had to witness your young, educated sons taking to arms and clashing with the security personnel, that your eight year old daughter was raped, that your youth have chosen to picking up stones instead of books, that there have been kidnappings, you had your geography changed, and that your serene grounds seep in the blood of a hundred fallen people every day. Don’t blame yourself for these, for you never did anything less than try to instill the love for their motherland, their fellow humans and your soil in your citizens. It is just the folly of human nature: we preach about peace and fraternity, but never practice it until its too late, unfortunately. What is the government doing, which is for the welfare of the people, you ask? Well, we think at present it is embroiled in a political conflict over power. Please forgive it all; forgive us humans, especially your children who have strayed from the right paths.

And problems in everyone’s lives are natural. So don’t be sad and don’t give up. Just remember that you are still beautiful and will always crown India with your mesmerizing valleys. So what if the neighbor country is trying to annex you for that very reason? Aren’t beautiful things are always sought after? Please do not worry about that; you just retain your position as the proud queen and the brave soldiers here shall take care of you. The elected ones will also realize it soon and try to make everything right. Just encourage everyone – your citizens, the army and the people’s representatives with fortitude so that they don’t give in to the harsh conditions that you are suffering from. We are sure that they will soon root out all the evil and cure you of your historical ailment.

With this hope, give our love to all your brave men, beautiful women and your lovely sceneries.

Joyous regards,

The citizens of your fraternal States.

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