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90 percent of people fail to recognize these stars, only a genius can identify

If any of your favorite Bollywood star comes in front of you, then you will instantly recognize him. But friends, today we are going to show you such pictures of Bollywood stars, even after seeing which you will not recognize these movie stars. Only a genius person can recognize these stars. So let's see if you are a genius or not

This is not a beggar

90 percent of people fail to recognize these stars, only a genius can identify
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Friends, this is not a beggar but a known singer of Bollywood. Let's give you a hint, recently this singer had done a social experiment on the streets of Mumbai by keeping a beggar's getup. Seeing the beggar singing in a melodious voice, there was a huge crowd but people could not recognize it. If the name is coming in your mind, then definitely tell in the comment.

Who is this old man

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We will not give you much hint but just say that this actor adopts various tricks for his film promotion. For the promotion of his film, he traveled through several cities in India by getting a getup change. If you have recognized it, then comment.

This girl is not brother

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You must have also understood that this is not a girl. This is a well known Bollywood actor who looks like this in the female getup. Now let us see who is the genius among the people who read the news, who can recognize this actor.

guess who

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Can you identify this actor seen in the female getup? If not, let's give it a hint. Recently, this actor surprised everyone by losing more than 40 kg of his weight. If you still do not recognize, let's give another hint. Sajid Khan has also worked in a film which flopped badly at the box office.

It's a little hard to recognize

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Yes, you heard right, you may have some difficulty in identifying this star. Let me tell you that this star had lost more than 18 kg of her weight in just 28 days for her biopic film. Hey brother, now tell me who this actor is. Friends, if the light of the brain burns, then definitely mention the name of this star in the comment

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1. Tere papa 2. Tere dada 3. Teri behen 4. Teri amma 5. Tu khud.

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I am geniuse...I recognised all of them...lol....🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

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