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9 Clever Ads that are really shocking and imaginative

Advertising is more than the ads that come on television. On many occasions, we underestimate the power of marketing and we simply stay with a crude cartoon of that complex and wide world. There are really good publicists and today we will give you a good sample of it. Here you have a compilation with some of the most impressive advertising campaigns that you can find on the Internet.

01. Drink and drive

9 Clever Ads that are really shocking and imaginative
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Few things are more harmful than this and few campaigns are more imaginative and successful than the one above. It is no longer just what we can do to ourselves, it is what we can do to others.

02. We are hurting ourselves

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Polluting the planet we live in is polluting our own lives. Every time we throw garbage into nature, we should think about this image.

03. Smoking not only kills you

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In the process, much of your youth is taken with you. We live only once in life. That's something you should keep in mind every time you light a cigarette.

04. We are loading the lung of the planet

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This is an image that, taking into account what just happened in the Grand Canary and the Amazon, is the most. It is not a mere advertising trick; It's the pure reality.

05. Addictions kill

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And, in that process of leading you to death, you are inexorably moving away from your humanity. They make you a waste; In a shadow of what you once were.

06. Childhood obesity

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Childhood obesity is not something that has to be taken as a joke. Many people think that a 'chubby' child is something 'adorable'. But the truth is that everything, in excess, is bad and more when they touch such fundamental issues as health.

07. What we throw into the sea ...

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One way or another, everything we throw into our oceans ends up returning to us and, above all, ends with underwater life. If we don't do it for them, let's do it for us.

08. A good metaphor for what we are doing

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In essence, what we are doing is shooting ourselves in our own knee.

09. Does tobacco not age?

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The truth is that medicine has a lot to say about it. Would you hit the exhaust pipe of a car? You should give that a couple of laps.

To you, what do you think about these advertising campaigns? Any that surprised you in particular? Leave us in the comments.

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