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7 Ways Of Hugs That Say A Lot About Your Relationship

The way you embrace someone can sometimes tell a lot about the type of relationship you have with the person, especially if it is your companion. If some people prefer to look their darling right in the eyes while wrapping their arms around his neck, others are more followers of the hug from behind, or the famous key of arm ... And you? What is your favorite hug?

We all know that body language speaks volumes about how we approach people around us. Only, did you know that 93% of our communication was nonverbal ? 

7 Ways Of Hugs That Say A Lot About Your Relationship
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Thus, we know that the way we embrace a person is not insignificant, especially when it comes to the one who shares our life. 

Discover today what the hug of your darling means: 

If he places his hands in the back pockets of your pants ...:

What better than this type of hug to testify to his great love for you? Indeed, if your darling is a follower of this kind of hug more commonly known as "the hug-pickpocket", know that he feels perfectly at ease with you. If you feel safe with him, know that he too is with you! The fact that he slips his hands into the back pockets of your pants can also testify to his desire to feel closer to you, and why not, to share a little more intimate with you ...

If he looks you straight in the eye ...:

If he looks you right in the eye when he embraces you, know that he feels the urge to feel more connected to you. Whatever shape your hug may take, only the way he looks at you really matters! This type of physical contact shows all the tenderness he has towards you. In addition, he may also seek to make eye contact with you to feel more reassured or understood.

If he embraces you by placing his arm around your shoulder ...: 

It simply means that he feels close to you and wants to show you his affection and support for you! This type of hug can also mean that he considers you much more than just a girlfriend, a woman, or a companion: for him, you are first and foremost a best friend, a confidante, someone you can trust count! 

If he wraps his arms around your waist ...:

It simply means that he likes you and loves to feel close to him! Establishing physical contact with you literally fills him with joy. You are his just as he is to you. The rest does not matter ...

If he hugs you from behind ...:

This is the protective hug. This one has the power alone to reassure you about the state of health of your couple! Indeed, if your darling has a custom to come hug you by surprise by slipping gently behind you, know that he seeks to be protective with you. The only thing that matters to him is that you can feel safe with him. 

If he embraces you, as if you were dancing a slow ...:

If you are used to hug yourself in this way, know that your man is literally crazy in love with you! This embrace is full of sweetness, tenderness and passion too. It is said of her that she is typical of young couples. But if your partner continues to embrace you in this way even after several years of relationship, it is because he loves you as the first day. 

If he embraces you as if it was the last time ...:

This embrace is both tender and spirited. Of great intensity, it reflects a great attachment to the person you are hugging. You take her in your arms, press her tightly against you, and can even slip your head in her neck, as if to feel a little closer to you ... your bodies intertwine, as when you share an intimate moment with two . If your man takes you in his arms in this way, know that he has no desire to separate from you!

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