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7 Thing to do after intimacy that will make feel special

7 Thing to do after intimacy that will make feel special

If you love your partner then express her. The most sensitive moment of love life is when you intimate with each other. But the best thing you can feel is after that moment how your partner behaves. So there are some spicy tips from which you can make the moment more romantic and sexy-

Take shower
After sex you can make the moment again romantic by taking shower together. This will again bring your charm and can turn the whole night into a seductive moment.

Eat together
When you both are finished then have a dinner together and on bed only. If you are not so hungry then try some snacks, otherwise chocolates are the best option.

Watch television
You can watch romantic movie or a comedy show to spend a quality time together. You can also watch some romantic moments you spend together.

Romantic talks
You can remember your older days, discuss about your first meeting, pinch to each other for some of the old talks and behave.

Game time
Play some of your favourite game. this will refresh your mind. you can also play sex games which includes hiding each others clothes or strip down game.
Touch and hug
After sex, keep your hands on your partners body, Give them a feeling that you are with them. This will give a touchy feeling to each others. Hug is the best way to show your love and care.
You can also try a small pack of drink together. Do this thing very firstly after your romance is finished. This will make you more closer.

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