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7 Psychological Tricks The Media Uses To Control Your Brain

These are some of the tricks that media and products use to control everything you do.

1. A false survey can become a reality.

7 Psychological Tricks The Media Uses To Control Your Brain
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Political polls are very important instruments when it comes to bowing for a candidate. 

But how do you know they are genuine? Most people have never participated in one.

2. The effect of blurred faces.

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This effect creates the feeling that the photo is irrefutable evidence for people who are not censored. 

The effect is more successful if the photograph is homemade and of low quality.

3. The effect of the security camera.

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When the newscast presents a security camera recording, viewers are predisposed to what appears in the images is 100% real. 

Our brain does not question whether the images have been acted upon.

4. Did you know that the life of 1 girl is worth more than that of 1 million people?

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Some say that the death of 1 person is a tragedy, but the death of millions is just statistics. 

Many times politicians and the media do everything possible to help a single person, since it is easier for the audience to feel empathy for a person we visualize, than for a whole population that suffers worse things.

5. The "divine" effect to make an honest politician see.

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The campaign directors of the United States, use this effect a lot where the politicians stand before a halo of light or symbol, which makes them look like enlightened, visionary and honest people.

6. The framing effect.

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Photography speaks for itself, this effect is used by newspapers, although in recent years it has lost strength, as there is always someone recording from his cell phone, showing what really happens.

7. The effect of closeness with an important person.

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Politicians often visit hospitals, communities, all to give the impression of closeness to ordinary people.

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Media can change viewers mind rither positive way or negative. India media successfully made viewers communal , Crual, Hate speacher, short tempered , violent. For last 6-7 years. { What you see you become that}

1 Months ago

Sarfaraz Khan613

teenumeenu jhaantu

27 Days ago


I don't think it's true

28 Days ago

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