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5 things Vince McMahon has planned for Bray Wyatt's new character

Will we see Wyatt re-try a "legend's" gimmick?

5 things Vince McMahon has planned for Bray Wyatt's new character
What could WWE's chairman have in store for Bray Wyatt?

Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt has had several vignettes over the last few weeks, a new gimmick called the Firefly Fun House, where a number of different dolls and puppets have appeared in a very sinister and unusual gimmick.

This rebranding of Wyatt was a welcome change following the Sister Abigail gimmick and then his partnership with Matt Hardy.

Wyatt hadn't been on WWE television for several months, with WWE creative not having anything interesting for him.

But on the Money in the Bank go-home show, he revealed his frightening new persona, which has previously left many of the WWE Universe scratching their heads.

What could Vince McMahon have in store for Bray Wyatt in the future? Here are 5 things Vince McMahon has planned for Bray Wyatt's new character:

#1 Dual-personality character

The "happy" Bray Wyatt in the Firefly Fun House

It's clear from the vignettes WWE has aired over the past few weeks that the Bray Wyatt character now has a dual-personality - one who is in a kids playroom but has that evil lurking inside of him.

The weird, creepy promos highlighted that as well. Wyatt has so far pulled it off well, with fans loving the unusualness of it all. WWE currently don't have any other Superstar who does 'weird' as well as Wyatt does. In fact, there's no one else that has a dark gimmick, apart from maybe Aleister Black or "The Demon" Finn Balor.

With this dual-personality character, we could see Wyatt double cross Superstars, where he is nice and friendly with them at first, but his evil side turns on them. We could also maybe see Wyatt struggle to control and suppress the evil in him, which could be interesting to watch as well.

#2 Psychotic character

Wyatt revealed this scary, sinister, and evil character on this week's WWE RAW

In today's PG WWE world, there aren't too many psychotic, creepy, and demented characters. Gone are the days when kids would actually get scared or weirded out by characters like the Boogeyman or Goldust.

In fact, there's not one character currently in WWE that pushes the boundaries.

Perhaps, Wyatt could be that one character who can send chills down people's spines - adults and children: think Jake "The Snake" Roberts unleashing that King Cobra on Macho Man Randy Savage, Al Snow and his "head", or Boogeyman eating those worms.

Wyatt has previously shown us that he can be the weird, crazy character in his previous gimmicks, but it's time for him to go further than before. Scaring children and adults should be the memo that is given to WWE's writers while writing for the Bray Wyatt character.

It's gotten off to a good start and we hope WWE capitalises on this great build to the character.

#3 Cult leader

A reunion?

Yes, I hear you screaming (and typing) as you read this. Bray Wyatt has been the leader of the Wyatt Family before, but there's no rule in WWE that says that it shouldn't be done again, or if it won't work once more.

Heck, we had 2,168 (I don't know if that number is factually accurate, but it felt like it) reunions of The Shield before Dean Ambrose finally pulled the plug on it by quitting.

Wyatt could maybe even see him reunite with Braun Strowman, who has had a miserable year so far. Strowman and Wyatt both need to get back to the top as both of them are supremely talented and deserve to be at the top of the card and not as an afterthought.

WWE sorely needs a faction as the only faction of sorts is the team of Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, and Bobby Lashley, who haven't really made a huge mark as unit.

#4 Possesses other Superstars

Bray Wyatt

Perhaps the dolls and puppets in the Firefly Fun House have a greater meaning in the bigger scheme of things. Could they may be used to depict Superstars that Bray Wyatt wants to possess and get into the minds of?

This is something WWE haven't done in recent years, where a dark gimmick possesses other Superstars, tapping into the supernatural side of things.

Perhaps Wyatt could possess other Superstars and make them do his bidding.

While it is far-fetched and could fail miserably, WWE could give this gimmick a try. WWE haven't used a supernatural-themed gimmick in a long time, but they do have a show on their YouTube channel hosted by Baron Corbin called "Baron Corbin's Haunted World".

Maybe we could even see Baron Corbin feud with Wyatt, where Corbin is a "remover of demons" (you do have to thank me for this name, WWE).

#5 Vanquishes legends

Wyatt will return to WWE television soon

Perhaps we could see Bray Wyatt be the Superstar who vanquishes and destroys WWE legends, much like the Randy Orton "Legend Killer" gimmick. Wyatt could demolish and get in the heads of these legends and put them out to pasture.

While this may be similar to the "Legend Killer" gimmick, WWE could make it feel fresh if done right.

Perhaps his first victim is Kane, who is no longer a full-time member of WWE, and could retire him. Which could lead to Wyatt finding his next victim, which naturally is The Undertaker.

This feud has happened previously, but Wyatt needs a big scalp like The Undertaker to get back in the reckoning, to eventually challenge for the top titles in the WWE.

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