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5 strange and expensive hobbies of Nita Ambani

Neeta Ambani is the wife of India's biggest industrialist Mukesh Ambani. Along with her husband's business, she also has many businesses of her own. Due to which they get a very good morning. Today we are going to tell you about his 5 weird but expensive hobbies.

5 strange and expensive hobbies of Nita Ambani
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5 - Tea

Nita Ambani is very fond of tea. The tea it drinks is very expensive. The price of this tea is about 3 lakh rupees.

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4 - Sandals

Nita Ambani is very fond of sandals. It wears no ordinary sandals but sandals of the world's most expensive brands. Whose initial price is about 5 lakh rupees.

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3 - Saree

Nita Ambani is also very fond of sarees. They have more than one designer sarees available. Which cost millions of crores.

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2 - bag

Nita Ambani is seen at many parties with a small design bag. The companies making such bags keep their prices at least Rs 3 to 4 lakhs. Nita Ambani uses all the expensive brand bags.

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1 - Car Collection

Nita Ambani loves traveling in an expensive car. So they have many luxury cars. His most favorite car is the Maybach 62. Mukesh Ambani gifted him from London. The price of this car is near 10 crores.

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😂😂 ager waiter se thodi chai gir jaay toh ambani pariwar to jatke me 1-2 lakh Ka fatka padta Hoga😂😂😂

27 Days ago


Him ke jaga her laga bhai Money hai toh honey hai

27 Days ago


Abe...itna bhi kya dikhana...btw!! 3 lakh ki tea aati bhi hai...aur author ji aapko kisne bola aap kya usse puchne Gaye the kya....ki madam aapki chay kitne ki hai...mujhe article likhna hai...fack of yarrr...kuch achha general knowledge ka bhi lakh diya karo...sirf celebrates hi hai sab kuch??!!

27 Days ago

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