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5 cross-brand teams/stables that could be formed due to the Wild Card rule

The Wild Card rule has opened a lot of possibilities, one of which is the formation of cross-brand stables. Who could be in these stables?

5 cross-brand teams/stables that could be formed due to the Wild Card rule
Daniel Bryan was once part of the Wyatt Family.

Factions are an essential part of the business and can make or break a roster. nWo brought a lot of attention towards WCW and built up the roster as they provided the rub to other superstars who competed against them. But, at the height of their power, they denied losing to the superstars who needed to get over them.

At present, WWE is in dire need of a legitimate stable after The Shield disbanded. The Wyatt Family is a thing of the past and the New Day aren't a stable anymore with Big E out injured.

The closest WWE is to a stable on the main roster is the unnamed on-off team of Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley. In spite of the criticism, they're the best stable in WWE at the moment on the main roster which includes the Lucha House Party.

With the Wild Card rule, WWE presents itself with a golden opportunity to bring in and push a dominant stable which can run over superstars across both shows.

While WWE could bring in the Undisputed Era but it would hamper their current storyline and might become a rush call-up with already a few rookies without a direction. Therefore, we would mainly focus on the superstars already on the main roster to create a cross-brand faction.

#5 Viking Experience (Viking Raiders, Sarah Logan, and Killian Dain)

Viking Raiders came to RAW with a ridiculous name change. They were War Raiders on NXT and came up to the main roster as the Viking Experience. Although, it was a great ploy to get their finisher over after they settled for Viking Raiders. They're the current NXT tag team champions.

On the other hand, the Riott Squad disbanded recently, and Sarah Logan made her way to RAW. She is married to one-half of the Viking Raiders, Raymond Rowe. Given her Viking background, she is the best choice for a female member in a Viking group.

Moreover, Killian Dain got demoted from SmackDown. If he comes back to the main roster, he can join the Viking Experience and even become their leader.

#4 Firefly Fun House (Bray Wyatt, Eric Young, Chad Gable, and Ember Moon)

The Firefly Fun House is the only consistently good segment on the WWE's main roster right now. Bray Wyatt redefined innovation and brought us a simple yet scary kids show.

Bray's entourage consists of his three friends namely Abby - the Witch, Ramblin' Rabbit and Mercy - the buzzard. Ramblin' Rabbit suffered an unfortunate fate last week when Mercy - the buzzard tore him apart. It's probably not the last of Ramblin' Rabbit.

Nikki Cross would be an apt fit for Abby - the Witch's character and would do full justice to the role. But she might appear alongside Alexa Bliss as seen on RAW. So the next choice would be the War Goddess, Ember Moon.

Mercy - the buzzard needs a conniving superstar who is believable enough to play a dark character. Eric Young is fresh after separating from Sanity and fits the bill as a mysterious character.

Ramblin' Rabbit could be anyone from a mid-card to a lower card superstar, and it won't even need the superstar to have a dark past. WWE could also bring the Rabbit from Adam's Rosebuds as it might provide a little history to the character and might reveal him as the superstar of their choosing.

Chad Gable could join the group as it would showcase his skills under the guidance of Bray Wyatt.

#3 The Club / Balor Club (AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Finn Balor)

All the four members could form the stable using the Wild Card rule.

It is the most anticipated stable of the modern times under the WWE banner. From the day each of the members reached the main roster, WWE Universe called for the group to reunite and form a WWE's version of the dominant Bullet Club.

WWE presented an incomplete version of The Club when Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson arrived on RAW, and they got paired with AJ Styles, but without Finn Balor, The Club isn't complete.

For the entire time in the four individuals' WWE career, AJ Styles and Finn Balor were never together on the same brand, and it continues. The Wild Card rule gives WWE a chance to create the dream stable.

The faction might never see the light as the Good Brothers probably won't be renewing their contracts.

But, if WWE manages to get the Good Brothers on board and promise them a better booking as part of a dominant stable, then the Club finally gets to reunite.

#2 Daniel Bryan's World Savers (Daniel Bryan, Eric Rowan, and Luke Harper)

Apologies for the cheesy name.

Daniel Bryan's heel turn was the best thing that happened to him after his return from retirement. He aligned himself with Erick Rowan and even gave the WWE title a new eco-friendly change.

Last week, Bryan and Rowan won the SmackDown's tag team championships and vowed to achieve greater heights for the tag division.

Another superstar who could get added to their team would be Luke Harper. His history with Rowan could be played up in the storyline as well.

Bryan could give away his title to Harper, and the former Bludgeon Brothers could again become tag team champions. It would be necessary as well considering the next PPV is in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Bryan won't go there.

The only roadblock for this union is Luke Harper's willingness to stay in WWE.

#1 The Black Order (Aleister Black, Ruby Riott, and Punishment Martinez)

Aleister Black is in the middle of reinvention after his break up from Ricochet. He is bound to get a push whenever he starts to wrestle again. Honestly, Black and Martinez look like the modern-day version of the Brothers of Destruction.

Also, similar to Sarah Logan, Ruby Riott is now free from the Riott Squad, and she gels well with the Gothic style of Aleister Black. She is an incredible in-ring worker and may flourish as a dark character.

Moreover, probably the only NXT superstars to feature on the list is Punishment Martinez (if Killian is brought back to the main roster as a part of SmackDown). It's easy to forget that Martinez is still in contract with WWE NXT as he only appeared once and wasn't used again.

This group has the potential to reach the heights and become a dominant stable if handled correctly. They may even fill the void left by the veterans such as the Undertaker and Kane.

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