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5 countries that produced champion F1 constructors

Only five nations have produced winning constructors and all of them are from Europe.

5 countries that produced champion F1 constructors
McLaren is one of the several sides from Britain to win the constructors' trophy

While Formula 1 has had 33 drivers who have been crowned world champion, who have hailed from Europe, North, and Latin America, only five countries have produced winning constructors and all of them are from Europe. This statistic also shows how the sport has strong and historic roots in the continent while having drivers from all over the world.

Interestingly though, every German, Austrian, and French (except Matra in 1969) title-winning cars been have designed, manufactured and run by teams based in the United Kingdom.

Effectively, only Matra and Ferrari's 16 title winning cars have been built outside the British Isles. There have been 15 constructors who have been world champions and 10 are from Britain.

Here's a look at the 5 countries to produce champion F1 teams in the increasing order of number of titles:

#5 France | Renault and Marta - 3

Sir Jackie Stewart driving the Matra Ford in 1969

France's Matra achieved something spectacular as a constructor because they had only entered Formula One a year before winning in 1969. British legend Sir Jackie Stewart won the 1969 title easily with the new Cosworth-powered Matra MS80. France became only the third country to have produced a winning constructor, and Matra became the only constructor to have won the Constructors' Championship without running its own works team.

France had to wait until 2005 to have a champion as Renault notched the first of their back-to-back wins. In 1977, the company was the first to introduce turbo engines to Formula 1. Although the Renault team won races and competed for world titles, it withdrew at the end of 1985, but continued supplying engines to other teams on and off ever since (1986, 1989-97, 2001, 2007-2018)

#4 Austria | Red Bull - 4

Australia's Daniel Ricciardo piloting the RB14 in 2018

The Red Bull era (2010-13) yielded 4 titles for the Austrian team with Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber driving the cars designed by Adrian Newey. Austria was the fourth country to have a winning manufacturer - backed by Austrian billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz and led by ex-racing driver Helmut Marko.

Red Bull dominated the second half 2.4L V8 engine era which had more dependency on aerodynamics than engine power. For all the four title-winning years, Red Bull ran with Renault engines. The team traces its origins back to the Stewart Grand Prix that debuted in 1997. 

Owner Sir Jackie Stewart sold his team to the Ford in late 1999 and got rebranded to Jaguar, which was bought out by Mateschitz to form Red Bull named after the energy drinks company he owns. Based out of Milton Keynes, Red Bull is now one of the top 3 constructors in Formula 1.

#3 Germany | Mercedes - 5

5 time world champion Lewis Hamilton in a Mercedes

Despite winning two Drivers' Championships in 1954 and 1955, Mercedes-Benz withdrew from motor racing. Mercedes only returned to the sport as a works team in 2010 with an all-German driver line-up of Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg.

Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton won 3 straight constructors' titles for Mercedes (2014-16) and then another two in 2017 and 2018. Prior to this, they have won as just engine manufacturers with McLaren in 1998.

Mercedes has become one of the most successful teams in recent Formula One history, having achieved the Drivers' and Constructors' Championships double from 2014 to 2018 in the V6 turbo era. In 2014, they managed 12 one-two finishes beating McLaren-Honda's 1988 record of 10. Mercedes had 16 wins each in 2014 and 2015 apiece breaking McLaren (1988) and Ferrari's (2002, 2004) record of 15. In 2016, they bettered their own record with 19 wins.

#2 Italy | Ferrari - 16

The most glamorous and successful team hails from Italy

Ferrari and Italy individually lead the instances of having a title-winning car in Formula 1 with 16 wins. Italy has just one marquee side and it is the biggest name in the sport, having participated in every season continuously since 1950.

Alberto Ascari gave Ferrari its first Drivers' Championship in 1951. The scarlet team is the oldest team in the championship, and also the most successful with 15 World Drivers' Championship titles.

Ferrari has achieved unparalleled success in and holds many significant records in the sport. Ferrari are also the most successful F1 engine manufacturer, with 236 wins. They have the record for registering most consecutive seasons with at least one victory during a season from 1994-2013. They also enjoy the most vociferous supporters and are almost always racing at the sharp end of the grid, contending for wins on a consistent basis.

#1 Britain | Multiple Constructors - 33

British driver Nigel Mansell in a title winning Williams in 1992

Britain remains on the pinnacle of Formula 1 after they got a headstart in the early 1950s. Vanwall, British Racing, Brabham, Cooper, Lotus, Tyrrell, McLaren, Williams, Benetton and Brawn are the constructors based in Britain who have combined to win 33 titles.

Williams leads with 9 titles followed by McLaren with 8, Lotus with 7, Brabham and Copper twice each and Vanwall, British Racing Motors, Tyrrell, Benetton, and Brawn have been champions just once.

Seven of the current ten constructors operate out of the country even if they compete with a license from another nation. Mercedes is Brackley based, Red Bull are in Milton Keynes, Force India is in Silverstone, McLaren is in Woking, Williams in Grove, Haas in Oxfordshire and Renault operates from Enstone.

Additionally, there's always been a British Grand Prix on the Formula 1 calendar, starting from the very first season.

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